Saturday, July 03, 2010

Our Little Gymnast

We signed Emily up for about 4 months of gymnastics and she has loved every second of it. She had her last day this past week, until after things get settled with Stella at least. I can't even imagine taking Timothy and a newborn to her practices...haha...the thought really does make me chuckle! I have been amazed at how her strength has improved and how she has gained so much perserverance to stick with things even when she doesn't do well at first. She adored her coach and he was really great. I love that he expected her to do certain things and would call her out if she didn't do what was asked but he was still really fun with all of the kids. It was also a huge blessing to see him pray with her class before each session.
Below are some pics from about 2 months ago.

She is the one on the right...the other little girl's hair was similar to Em's. Emily loved getting up on the bars!

After a foward roll

She loved this as well. Her favorite though was to do this on the high bars.

Emily and her coach.

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