Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween 2009

This past weekend was FILLED with activity!! Which explains why we have so many pictures to share. Believe it or not, this slideshow is the result of narrowing it down! Haha!!

Halloween was really fun this year since another year has passed and our children are growing up. Emily really got into it this year making sure that she corrected anyone who would dare assume that she was "Supergirl." She was quick to inform that she was indeed "Superman!!" Timothy was a Fireman and so cute. He actually left his hat on almost the whole time. We did the annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch with friends and the Chilli Cookout that follows in the evening. I think we all decided that we need to keep Halloween and the Gentry Farm/Chilli Cookout day separate in the future:) It was a little crazy...especially with almost 20 children participating!!! Wow! The annual pic of the kiddos on the couch sure has grown. What can I say we are being fruitful and multiplying:)

There are some pics included of me and Derek at our Community Group's Party. We had a murder mystery party and it was such a blast!! Derek and I dressed up as Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-san...Karate Kid for those of you that aren't familiar!:) It was so much fun!

All in all, a busy busy weekend filled with absolutely fantastic memories!! Enjoy the slideshow...ALL of it...hahahaha!!!