Tuesday, June 17, 2008


A rare occurrence in the Kramer house, but for Father's Day we went all out! After all my husband is the most fabulous daddy in the entire universe!!!! He deserves a homemade chocolate cake with chocolate icing...and Emily didn't mind reaping the very obvious benefits of "helping" out. I knew she would be a ridiculous mess and that even bleach probably would not save the shirt, but every now and then you gotta live a little! Needless to say, Emily thoroughly enjoyed her time completely licking the beater clean. The cake was pretty tasty as well!

As for my precious husband...you are incredible and we love you so very much! I can't wait until a year from now when 3 of us are celebrating God's mercies and goodness in providing you as the leader of our family!!! So here's to amazing daddies all over the world that truly love and sacrifice for their kiddos and wives...and to chocolate cake batter!
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Monday, June 09, 2008

...And So It Begins...My Plethora of Posts!

Upon emptying our camera, I realized just how much we have been up to lately! I decided that I would have another post full of pics...I'm really just way too lazy to do individual posts.:)

What better way to begin than with pics from our LOST Season Finale Party!! Derek was really the mastermind behind this party, and the previous two. Yes, we are fanatics and will be doing this next year for sure. I can't believe they are making us wait so long (again) for the next season...we will not grow weary!

I recommend checking out these pics when you have a few extra minutes on your hands...like I said we've been busy!:)

The "Smoke-Monster" (after a meal)

Derek's creativity at work.

Waiting for guests to arrive. There was a really cool "Oceanic Airlines Manifest" on the door but somehow I didn't think I should post all those people's names without permission!

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Peeking in on Jacob!

ummm...fish biscuits!
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Here he is...our unnamed child (for now...we'll get there) at almost 29 weeks! He is growing a lot and summer is for sure upon us! I don't know what I am going to do when it gets even hotter and more humid...yikes! Oh well, I figure lots of mommas have done it before me...I'll survive!

Em's mimi got her this play tent and she loves it. It takes up an entire room in our house, but she has so much fun playing in it.
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Sprinkler fun with friends.

Emily's first canvas painting...for those of you that really know me, you know how hard it was not to help her! She woke up from nap one day and I was finishing a canvas, she so badly wanted to do her own and I had an extra small canvas. She did the entire thing, from selecting the paint colors to the brushes. She had fun and it is pretty cute in her room...great memories!

Enjoying the tunnel in her new tent.
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Singing over a bowl of Cheerios...this is how she sings "to the Lord"...sometimes with her hands raised. Thankfully we had a camera close by.

I don't even know what to say!

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We went to pick strawberries a couple of weeks ago at the same place we took Em to when she was about 3 months old...she was able to enjoy the fruits of her labor this time:)

I was surprised she shared!

She really, really liked this strawberry and honey popsicle!
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Reaching in for the "pick"

Chatting it up with her daddy!
That's it for now...THE END!!!
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Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Sweetest Thing!

Okay so this post has absolutely nothing to do with this picture, but it is cute and just makes me think about how stinkin' sweet my girl is...(yeah I know I'm biased but it's my blog about my kid, so what can I say?) Emily really is a sweet and tenderhearted little girl! Today I was doing the nap routine with her and she asked if she could have her CD play. I said yes and proceeded to turn it on. She must have touched some buttons at some point b/c the silly thing just would not work. I tried everything. Then I asked her if she had touched it. She totally confessed and said "Mommy, I am so sorry!" I told her it was okay, reminded her not to touch it, and she said "Tan you fix it Mommy?" Well, no pressure there...I tried again to figure out what was wrong. I was finally able to get it to work and when she heard the music at last, a gigantic smile spread across her face. As I walked backed over to her bed to bend down to kiss her one final time, she reached up, gave me a huge hug and said "Mommy I yuv you...you are da best!" I almost cried! (not to mention that it made me feel like Superwoman:)

I walked out of her room and thought that really is the sweetest thing! What a precious girl God gave to us...makes the stubborness and independence all worth while!!

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Our Recent Happenings in Photos!

Yep that's right folks! That would be my sweet girly-girl daughter in her absolute element and passion these days. All she wants to do is drive the cars. Her favorites are Daddy's, of course! We always laugh about how funny she is...one minute she is twirling around in a dress or a tutu and the next she is wanting to drive the cars and help Daddy in the garage. She LOVES to hold slimy things and catch bugs (she has even found some dead ones in the house and made them her pets for a few hours) and she loves doing anything that involves cars. (Her new favorite toys are matchbox cars!)
I don't know if I have ever seen a little girl that can take a fall like she can and just get up, brush it off, and keep running with blood (I'm not exaggerating) dripping down her leg. Yet, at the same time, she is so sensitive that she will tell you in a heartbeat she is sorry if she knows she did something she shouldn't have. What a personality this girl has! We love her so much! So, these car pics are for her daddy who would probably never have time to blog about his little prodigy!

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Celebrating sweet Nicole's Birthday! Aren't they so cute?

Our Community Group guys hanging out and breaking bread together...literally!

The girls doing the same thing, but with much more interesting conversation and laughter. This was probably our last night with our entire group as 2 of our couples are being called by the Lord to do other things in different places. We are going to miss you guys!
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Making english muffin pizzas!

"cutting" her Daddy's hair...if she ever really did this to her own, I seriously think I would pass out!

Her new thing is to ask us to put her hair up like this (turban style) after she gets out of the bath...she thinks it is really great for some reason. It just makes us laugh!

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