Friday, May 30, 2008

This is So Long Overdue...

It is obvious that we went to the beach because of the video of Emily that I posted long ago, but I wanted to officially post on what an awesome time we had. For so long we have been saying that we would visit our dear friends Brett and Judy in Alabama, but it just never happened. We finally decided that we were just going to have do it. It was a short trip but full of such awesome and sweet memories. We were only gone for four days but we packed a lot in. We did everything from playing on the beach, eating yummy meals, cooking out, morning jogs (not me obviously), and playing late-night cards. Most of all, we laughed and had such a great time. The drive to and from the beach was filled with terrific conversation and laughter. I am so thankful for The Mitchell's! I am pretty sure we decided this needs to be an annual trip so Brett and Judy start saving now, because next time we are going for at least a week!

*I added lots of pics to the Photo Album from our trip* (Judy...I promise yours are coming:):)

I just love these people!
(the end of our weekend sad)
Me and the Judester before dinner...the humidity was doing wonders for our hair. Judy had actually straightened hers that morning.
The guys hanging out with the Emily on the beach. She had so much fun playing with her Daddy and Uncle Brett in the sand. We made such good memories!
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Excited About the Beach!

Derek and I think this is one of the best videos we have gotten so far of Emily because it really captures her personality! If anyone ever doubts the energy level of our sweet little Ems, let this serve as documented proof. This precious, energetic, and outgoing little girl really keeps us on our toes! There is no question she looks like her daddy, but I'm thinking she might be a bit of an extrovert like her mommy! (More beach pics to come...this video took forever!)

Friday, May 02, 2008

Special Memories and Fun on the Farm!

This is a bit of a continuation of the previous 2 posts. If you have read the other posts and seen the video below of Em with the Caterpillar, you already know that we spent last weekend with some friends on the Henderson's Family farm. We had such a blast and made lots of memories.

We stayed busy the entire weekend and did all sorts of things that would not normally take place in the 'Boro. We got to fish, shoot guns, play with our kids for hours outside, grill out, pet horses, stay up with restless children until after 10 pm, eat lots of yummy meals together, wake up and have coffee together, talk and catch up, make Smore's (and almost set ourselves on fire...well just me actually), eat homemade ice-cream, worship as a group on Sunday morning, and probably my favorite was worshipping the Lord all together around a warm fire at night under the stars! Those are just a few things that we enjoyed. Thank you Austin and Nicole for this awesome idea and such a wonderfully-planned weekend! We can't wait to do it again...

You have to check out the video below of Nicole with all of the is so funny! And you can click the link below to get to the photo album or you can click on the photo album link to the left of this post.

This was so cute and so funny! Nicole sang this to all of the kids and before she knew it, the song was the absolute hit of the weekend! I was inside when Derek took this but he said that it was hilarious b/c all of the kids were playing doing different things. As soon as Nicole began singing, they ALL ran to the swing and piled on top of her to hear it....TOO CUTE!!! No wonder why Emily loves "Tole" so much!