Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Day as a Family of 5 at Church!

We did it!! We actually got out of the house to church...ON TIME...for the first time since our newest little family member arrived! I know some of you are thinking we were crazy or terrible parents to take our 2 week old to church. But, #1 no one held her except for me and Derek, and #2 we really wanted to be with our church family on Sun. morning. We had missed the couple of Sundays previous to Stella's birth b/c it was so hard for me to sit for a long time and Derek had been out of town. I was so desperate for corporate worship and hearing from our teaching pastors. It was so good to hear to worship with the body!

I might add that Stella looked mighty cute! She wore an outfit that my mom bought as her "coming home" from the hospital outfit. After the purchase, Emily reminded me and and my mom that we wouldn't be coming home from the hospital and we both just laughed so hard and said that's right...oh well, it became her first day of church outfit!:) It is so precious and she can wear it for a long time. I finally got a picture with just my girls and of me with Stella. I hadn't even taken a picture with just her yet...crazy!

Aren't our girls sweet? I love Stella's fingers in the last picture. She has really long fingers (not from me:) and I love the way that she never has her fists clenched...they are always laid out very delicately.

I don't want to leave out TK. No pics, but I'll leave you with this visual. Before his nap, just a little bit ago, he was in a diaper and was wearing a kitchen towel around his neck as a cape. I was trying to finish feeding Stella and was in his room with him as he was using his "king sword" (really a long plastic stick that goes to a toy broom) and was growling and saying Goliath while slamming (repeatedly) his dresser drawer. He is such a nut! We are enjoying this season...it is crazy fun!!!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Isn't She Cute???

Yeah, yeah...I know. I am so unbelievably biased, BUT she is pretty cute. My friend Mandi gave Stella this little outfit. I couldn't wait to put it on her and today I finally did after she spit-up (a lot) on her first 2 outfits:) It is one of the few newborn things that is tiny enough to sort of fit her. I just thought she was precious!

Cute litte monkey! (New update below)
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stella is Already a Week and 4 Days!!

We just can't believe that Stella Grace is already a bit over a week old! It goes so fast. We have been soaking up every sweet little moment though. She is an absolute sweetheart! Stella loves to cuddle and loves to be held, but so far will sleep in her bassinet well too. She obviously crys like any baby but even her crys are very mild. She mostly crys when she has gas bubbles which is pretty frequent, but she is getting better about getting them up...or out:) She also gets hiccups 3-4 times a day, which sounds cute, but they wake her up:( For the most part she is sleeping well and nursing well.

Her big sister and brother are really doing well with all of the adjustments with my attention and the amount of time that we have had to be at home. Of course with the heat as crazy as it has been, I don't know that we would be doing a whole lot away from home anyway. We have had friends already this week serve us in such huge ways from bringing us delicious meals to taking Emily and Timothy for playdates. What a blessing it has been to know that Emily and TK are getting to enjoy some time with their best buddies during this transition. I don't know how we would be getting through this time without the prayers and servant's hearts from our friends. Not to mention my mom who stayed with us for days doing meals, grocery shopping, laundry, and playing with the elder Kramer kiddos. I am just so so very grateful for all of the help we have received! My mom is coming again tomorrow so that Derek and I can get away for just a little bit. Like I said...grateful, grateful, grateful!!:)

I am already observing the beginning of such sweet relationships between our children. I just love knowing that forever they will have each other. Both Emily and Timothy have really been loving on Stella a lot and Emily has especially been so helpful. She loves laying next to Stella on the bed so she can sing or talk to her. Timothy is happy with sporadically coming up to her and kissing her gently, then running away!

As for me and Derek, we are holding up fairly well. We are experiencing the usual things that inevitably come with a new baby...lack of sleep, not as much time with each other, trying to juggle our time...BUT I have to say that we have experienced such mercy from the Lord! In so many ways, the transition has felt smooth and very mild. I just don't know how else to describe it. There have been difficult and trying moments without a doubt, but really for the most part, things have felt pretty calm in our home. I can tell I am WAY more emotional and sensitive than normal...poor Derek! Physically, I feel fantastic! My recovery this time feels so much faster than either time before and that is a huge blessing, especially considering Derek and I are outnumbered now!!

That's all I've got for now! I still need to post about the birth which was amazing, but it will take a bit longer and I am still reflecting:) I will say that I am finally past the pain enough to say that I could actually fathom doing it all again!

Here are some pics from the past couple of days....I know that is all that is being looked at anyway:)

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Most Wonderful Man!

Today is Derek's birthday! Yay!! Happy Birthday to my hubby! If you know me, then you know I am a huge fan of birthdays. I think they are really important. I want our kids to know that their birthdays are their very own special days...it is after all the day that God chose for us to come into the world. It should be celebrated. So it is now wonder that it has just been killing me today to not do the normal birthday stuff for Derek. I know we can celebrate it later, but today is his day. Soooo...Happy Birthday Derek! These are just a few of the many many reasons why I love him and think he is pretty awesome!!!

He loves the high school guys he works with so much. They are all getting ready to be Seniors and they have been "his" guys since they were in 7th grade!

This pic is from our LOST Finale Party. We have had one every year and Derek went all out every single time. He is the only guy I know that would go to this extent so that all of his friends could come and really have a great time!

The day before Stella arrived we went to a park and this is just a sample of how much his babies love him. Their daddy literally makes the world spin in their eyes! Daddy is the best to Emily and TK...Stella will find out soon enough:)

What a handsome guy...thank you for choosing me! I am truly a blessed wife!
(More Below!!:)
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I think this photo says it all! This was during part of my labor with Stella this past Mon. I cannot begin to describe how incredible Derek was. He is my rock. I could not have gotten through it without him! I can't imagine how hard it was for him to hear me in pain and he was so calm, gentle, and attentive. He has quite literally had to be my hands and feet...a servant's heart to say the least!

Spending time being patient with Emily...I just love their relationship! It is very very special!

He loves his friends well and their bond is evident of that. Derek is an encourager and holds his friendships very close! I love that character trait in him...he is so loyal!

This picture is a treasure to me. It really speaks of how tender yet strong my husband is! He leads us well and with such strength, but is so very gentle! Children always love Derek!

Derek, you are amazing and I love you more than I could ever tell you. This week has been a reminder of the love that you have for your family. You have served us endlessly this week even when you were exhausted! Even today on your birthday, going to get us breakfast, blowing up pools and buying a water table so that your could children could have a change of pace in a huge week of transition. You blow me away! Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! AND you will get a cake...in maybe a week or 5!:):):)

See below for another REALLY fun post with pics today!
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Lots of Big Brother Love!

You may have noticed on the first posting of Stella pics that there were lots of Emily holding her but not many with Timothy. He was immediately curious and wanted to look at "Baby Stellya" but was not so much into the idea of holding her. We tried to see if he would the first couple of days without success and then finally on Wed., he came into the room and asked, on his own, to hold her. It was so sweet! He was absolutely precious with her! Timothy doesn't sit still for long but on his own he sat with her and was so gentle. He must have hugged, kissed, and laid his head on her about 20 times. BUT...the absolute funniest thing he did is thankfully captured with a photo!:) He touched his chest and asked if he could feed the baby!! We all just about died laughing so incredibly hard. That kid cracks us up! He actually looked a bit surprised when we said that he couldn't. Sweet little guy.

I feel like we are doing fairly well at this point. Emily and Timothy are both transitioning and there have been some rough spots but really overall I am so proud of them. They love their sister so much already and I really am overwhelmed when I think about the bond that I pray the three of our children will share. God really has blessed me and Derek and we are very aware of His graciousness towards us.

Speaking of blessing, Stella had her first visit with the doc yesterday and she is doing great so far. Her weight had only dropped to 6lbs. 11oz. but in one day was back up to 6lb. 13.5oz so she is nursing well and sleeping pretty well. She has some gas issues at night...poor baby. It is actually pretty funny to hear such a dainty little thing expelling some of the noises that she is capable of! We are just in love with her...she is so so sweet! Thank you again if you have been praying for us! We are so eternally thankful for the support!

We think she's pretty cute!

This is TK asking to feed Baby Stella...haha! Gotta love the hand placement!

He was looking at her so intently and so sweetly.

Pure joy!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Introducing Stella Grace Kramer!!!

Stella Grace Kramer
July 12, 2010
10:59 am
7lbs. 30z.
20 3/4 inches

What a blessing from the Father!!!

We had our baby girl yesterday morning and it was an incredible experience for our entire family! I will share more of her actual birth story later (we are a bit tired:), but for now we wanted to share these pics of our precious girl. If you didn't already know, we had Stella at home and that will explain the pictures. Again, more on all of that later. For now, we would love for you to meet our blessing #3...she is quite wonderful!

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Friday, July 09, 2010

Lots of Contractions But No Arrival Yet!

My midwife recently told me that you just never know what will happen with baby #3 and so far we are finding that to be very true. Miss Stella Grace is just hanging out, really enjoying her current abode. I don't know that I blame her. She can hear the craziness on the outside and is probably a bit timid about her exit into the Kramer chaos;)

I went to bed on Wed. night and woke up around 3am with contractions. They were consistently coming every 10 minutes and I couldn't go back to sleep. Around 7am, I called my midwife and we decided to wait a bit. Around 11am on Thurs. some contractions were as close as 5 min. but were never as intense as I knew they needed to be. I was only about 2-3cm. and about 50% effaced. I had waited as long as possible to find that out b/c I know it just doesn't really matter. I was hoping to skip some of the anxiety I had experienced before. I walked around with TK dilated at 3 cm. for 2 weeks...go figure. I am still having contractions pretty consistently but they just aren't nearly as intense as they should be which tells me Baby Girl has some traveling to do! She'll come when she comes.

If we cross your mind, please pray that we won't be anxious! I know that God has her day totally planned out and has known it from the beginning of time...how awesome is that??!! I want to rest in that and enjoy the time we have as a family waiting for her arrival. I have been really really tired yesterday and today. The contractions are wonderful b/c they are needed to get her moving but are also tiring mentally and physically. Please pray that I would rest in His strength and not my own. Thank you for your prayers and calls and texts...they are so very encouraging! We will continue to keep ya posted...much love from the Kramers!!:)

Monday, July 05, 2010

Today STARTED out great...

and then it took a downhill turn! We woke up and drove to my midwife appt. as a family. I had a great conversation in the car catching up with my sister-in-law. The kids were happy. Derek dropped me off and had an hour to kill so the plan was to take the kids to breakfast, then pick me up, and then have some fun together as a family...hehe:) Breakfast for Derek and the kids went great...they had lots of fun. Derek and Em decided that we would head to the bookstore next to look at Marvel Comic Books and possible buy a Superhero book (Em's favorite thing these days!). Derek took me to Starbucks and I got something yummy...what a sweet hubby I have! So that I could finish my sandwich without rushing, Derek took T and E into the bookstore and I finished up in the car.
So skip forward to me walking totally carefree and excited into the bookstore. Upon entering, I heard a baby crying really hard! I thought, "Oh poor baby!" As I walked towards the children's section at the back of the store, I realized it sounded A LOT like MY baby. Only it wasn't a tantrum or an "I just got my booty swatted cry." It was a painful bloodcurdling scream! I then saw D's head over the shelves rushing to the bathrooms. I picked up the pace and entered the men's bathroom to find my poor husband holding T with a gaping wound in his forehead both covered in blood! Sweet Emily was such a trooper!
Thankfully Dr. Eastham, our pediatrician, was the one in his office today. They weren't really open today. I was so unbelievably grateful that he was the one that was there. We adore him and I knew it would be a comfort for him to be the one to see baby boy! I was hoping that glue would do the trick but had a feeling I was wishful thinking! The wound was too deep and wide and he indeed had to get his very first stitches. The worst part was seeing him in the papoose board and the absolute worst was when they had to numb him...that part was really really terrible. He got 4 stitches and we are praying that it won't scar too badly. He was such a good boy overall. Don't get me wrong he cried his eyes out, but overall did so great! He was even asking Dr. Eastham for a sticker...so so sweet!!
If you know our son, you know he is sooooo active and into everything. He is the most active, not hyper, but extremely active child I have been around. I am told that by every person whose care he has ever been under....without exception:) On top of that, he is very very strong and can accomplish feats that are unusual for his age...it makes for a VERY interesting combination! So this is the irony, he wasn't doing ANYTHING daring or climbing or anything even remotely interesting to cause his injury!! He was wearing Crocs and they most likely got caught on the carpet, he tripped and just happened to hit his head perfectly on a stool that was in front of him!! WHAT IN THE WORLD????? The kid never ceases to amaze us! He is doing fine now with a dose of Motrin and is snoozing away. Thankfully it was a very straight gash and centrally located at the front of his head with no real possibility of skull injury....thank you Lord!! It could have been worse. SO that was our fun today! How was your 4th of July Weekend?...hahaha!!:)
Just for fun I posted some pics of the little stinker pre-stitches, being so silly, and after-trauma. And if you keep scrolling down, I posted another update today on Stella with pics of me at 38+ weeks. Stay Tuned...

I LOVE clean babies!!

Silly goose playing with his feet.

Sweet baby...I could eat him up!

Kind of a fuzzy pic, but Puppy's face says it all:(
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38+ Weeks with Stella Grace!

I have been terrible about posting pics of myself this go round. So here I am with sweet little Stella in ALL my glory at a little over 38 weeks! I feel great overall. I am having lots and lots of contractions but have been for a couple of weeks. Last Mon. night I thought for sure I was going into labor. After a few hours of inconsistent but powerful contractions, it was done and I went back to bed. I am ready for Baby Girl's arrival in some ways, but in others I am enjoying this last bit of time that I have with just Timothy and Emily. I know life will change drastically when Stella arrives and I really want to be content in this season. I am still walking and really active with T and E and may even try to take the kiddos to the pool this week, depending on T's recent injury's healing process of course!:)
Most of all, I just can't wait to see her face. I wonder what she will look like and how her brother and sister will react to her. I just can't wait to see all of their relationships flourish. Especially after witnessing Emily hurt for Timothy today after his accident, I was beyond thankful that we have multiple children. They won't ever be alone and hopefully will be each other's best buddies forever even when they don't feel like it...haha! I am so grateful to God for each of them and the way they love on each other. Family really is such a precious gift!
We can't wait to let everyone know when Stella arrives! Thanks for all of your prayers!!

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