Saturday, July 03, 2010

Stella isn't here...just yet:)...

I guess I should have mentioned that when I posted below. I have quite a lot to post as the last few weeks have been REALLY busy! I was trying to catch up a bit with the post about Em's gymnastics and realized I should have probably mentioned that we haven't had Stella yet!:)

We look for her arrival any day and are so extremely excited! On one hand, I am so ready to sleep more, even if in short increments because of nursing, and to lay down WHILE sleeping! Oh the little things;) On the other, I am enjoying the time that I have with just the two little stinkers. Truly I can't complain and I won't. The heat, the aches, the pains...relatively speaking we have had uncomplicated births that have resulted in the miraculous blessings of very healthy children. I am so eternally grateful to the Lord for His miracle of allowing me to birth our children the way He has. We have walked through lots of hard things with friends over the last few years concerning their children and pregnancies and adoptions and because of that it has made my perspective shift! My heart is so thankful!

As soon as baby girl arrives, we will post about her birth and sweet pictures of course. I just cannot wait to hold her and smell her sweet little smell and see her precious face! For now, we will keep waiting with expectation of all that the Lord will do through Stella Grace's arrival! We'll keep you posted;)

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The Moore Family said...

Can't wait!!! Call me... before you're REALLY busy! :) Miss you!