Friday, July 16, 2010

I think this photo says it all! This was during part of my labor with Stella this past Mon. I cannot begin to describe how incredible Derek was. He is my rock. I could not have gotten through it without him! I can't imagine how hard it was for him to hear me in pain and he was so calm, gentle, and attentive. He has quite literally had to be my hands and feet...a servant's heart to say the least!

Spending time being patient with Emily...I just love their relationship! It is very very special!

He loves his friends well and their bond is evident of that. Derek is an encourager and holds his friendships very close! I love that character trait in him...he is so loyal!

This picture is a treasure to me. It really speaks of how tender yet strong my husband is! He leads us well and with such strength, but is so very gentle! Children always love Derek!

Derek, you are amazing and I love you more than I could ever tell you. This week has been a reminder of the love that you have for your family. You have served us endlessly this week even when you were exhausted! Even today on your birthday, going to get us breakfast, blowing up pools and buying a water table so that your could children could have a change of pace in a huge week of transition. You blow me away! Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! AND you will get a maybe a week or 5!:):):)

See below for another REALLY fun post with pics today!
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