Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Most Wonderful Man!

Today is Derek's birthday! Yay!! Happy Birthday to my hubby! If you know me, then you know I am a huge fan of birthdays. I think they are really important. I want our kids to know that their birthdays are their very own special is after all the day that God chose for us to come into the world. It should be celebrated. So it is now wonder that it has just been killing me today to not do the normal birthday stuff for Derek. I know we can celebrate it later, but today is his day. Soooo...Happy Birthday Derek! These are just a few of the many many reasons why I love him and think he is pretty awesome!!!

He loves the high school guys he works with so much. They are all getting ready to be Seniors and they have been "his" guys since they were in 7th grade!

This pic is from our LOST Finale Party. We have had one every year and Derek went all out every single time. He is the only guy I know that would go to this extent so that all of his friends could come and really have a great time!

The day before Stella arrived we went to a park and this is just a sample of how much his babies love him. Their daddy literally makes the world spin in their eyes! Daddy is the best to Emily and TK...Stella will find out soon enough:)

What a handsome guy...thank you for choosing me! I am truly a blessed wife!
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The Moore Family said...

So sweet, what a loving wife you are! Happy birthday Derek!!!!!

Rachael said...

Happy Birthday Derek!!!