Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter 2012

Hard to believe that just 6 short years ago we only had one baby on Easter morning.  Now here we are, with all 4 of our munchkins on Easter.  And even harder to believe that next year we will have another sweet little girl added to this picture.  God is good!  His ways truly are best!

Derek was so great to get these pics before we headed off to church.  I will cherish them always!

Speaking of church, we had an amazing time of worshipping our Risen Lord on Easter Sunday at Fellowship!  It was NOT your traditional Easter service and I know people's hearts were moved.  I so pray that someone was there that recognized their need for the Lord!!  I can't even describe the morning.  It was just incredible...the personal stories that were shared, whether by song, dance, words...all just simply awesome, all amazing testimonies of how faithful God is and how He is the only One that can save!!!

Here are our little stinkers before the shoes got kicked off and the true Kramer redneck-ness came through!