Friday, September 26, 2008

What I Love Most in This World..., not the fact that they are all sleeping! Although, the youngest Kramer sleeping is truly a blessing and a miracle to behold! (I type this as he is in my arms and been awake for YES 2 hours!...) The Lord has truly blessed me with these three! I think I lose sight of that way too often. I had forgotten that I took this picture and when I just uploaded it, I actually teared up. A picture really is worth a thousand words. I love my dear husband and my sweet babies!
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Go-Cart Racing!

I think we all knew the time would come...Emily in her first go-cart! She was expecting to drive of course, but then she sat in the car with her daddy and well, I think her eyes tell of her reluctance!:) She had a blast though and the last pic is after they were finished. She has talked about this day ever since! I had so much fun watching them circle the track. These are such awesome and fun memories that Em is making with her sweet daddy that adores her so much! I wonder if Derek will be smiling so big the day he takes her out for her first time to drive...hahaha!!! Of course, that won't happen until she is like 25 anyway!:) Actually, while most little girls will be taking ballet or gymnastics or even karate, Emily will most likely be taking classes on defensive driving and autocrossing. Oh well, maybe Timothy will enjoy painting and cooking with me...yeah right!:)

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Timothy and Em at the Zoo

Our first trip to the zoo...I couldn't have done it without my sweet friend Nicole....thanks girl!!

We had fun and look forward to going back soon, especially as it cools down more.

What a cheeser!

Best Buddies! Are they too cute or what?

Oh how Em just adores "Miss Tole"

Emily loved petting this cute little baby goat.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Handmade...All the Way From Canada!!

We just wanted to give much thanks to sweet Mum Karen! Yesterday we received a package all the way from Canada. Mum Karen is the momma of my dear friend Judy and she really loves my kiddos...I just think it is too precious. Upon opening, we found a beautiful blanket for Timothy and wrapped inside...the little guy's very first ROOTS apparel. We were so excited! Emily still knows which blanket is "Mum Karen Blanket." Secretly I had stashed Em's blanket for Timothy without her knowing (after all it wasn't all pink:). As soon as I got ready to take Timothy's picture with the blanket this morning, Em asked me where her blanket from Mum Karen was. Oops...I got busted! I reached into Timothy's dresser and pulled out her blanket. She immediately wrapped herself in the blanket and wanted to take a pic with her brother. You can't see in the pic below, but the only other thing she is wearing is a pair of striped socks that of course, Judy's mom sent to Emily along with the super cute and funny book, Smelly Socks.

On a serious note, one reason that these blankets are so special to me is that before Emily was born I told a couple of people, Judy being one of them, about how I was sad that all of my grandmothers would never know Emily and how she would never have things made by their hands. That just made me so sad b/c I grew up with my grandma making all kinds of things for me. Emily still wears some of the dresses my grandma made me. I guess Judy mentioned that to Mum Karen and later I received Em's blanket. I cried like a big goober, of course. I was just so touched that someone would go to the trouble to make something for my child. That is exactly how I felt when I saw Timothy's beautiful blanket yesterday!...And it really is gorgeous!

My Great-Aunt Dodie makes dresses for Emily and I cherish those. My sweet friends Ginny and Laurie made blankets for Em and we cherish those as well. Timothy also received his first handmade blanket from Laurie. All of the things that my children receive that someone has made for them are so very special to me. So thank you Mum Karen and all of my other friends as well that have given my babies something I didn't think they would ever have.

Not looking too happy...I promise it's the Colic....hahaha!!

awwwww!!!! Look at his chins!

This is probably the cutest pic that I think I have gotten so far. And on a side note...yesterday we went to the doctor. It had been exactly 3 weeks since his first visit that Monday after he was born. On that visit, he weighed 5lbs. 3oz. (The day before when we left the hospital he was at 4lbs. 15 oz.) So, 3 short weeks later, my big boy weighed in at 8lbs. 5oz. I almost passed out! Seriously I was thinking like maybe 6lbs. Needless to say he is doing great and growing quickly! Thanks for the prayers...maybe Derek was right...we should have named him Samson!:):)

**new pics in the photo album!**
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Getting Bigger!

Handsome little guy.

Look what my mommy is doing to me...

...and my sister thinks it's hilarious!
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Friday, September 12, 2008

3 Weeks Old Already!

I can't even believe that our sweet boy is 3 weeks old. It has gone by so fast. The pics below show what we observed this morning. Derek and I were in the kitchen and looked over to find Em just staring at was so sweet. I don't want to rush any time at all, but I so look forward to seeing their friendship form and grow over the years. Derek reminded me the other night that even when our little guy is all gassed up and keeping us awake, he'll never be this tiny ever again! My wise hubby...he's such a great Daddy! And yes, Timothy is dealing with some major painful gas issues and possible reflux. (If you haven't heard from me, this is why:) So pray for him please... that his body will be able to do what it needs to do to relieve the pain and that we will have wisdom in how to handle and control his discomfort.

Otherwise, he is great and we are so, so blessed! There are a few more posts below...just trying to do a little catch-up! I have realized I'm not taking enough pics during the photos were pretty slim-pickens! I'll get better! This is it for now!

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I'm So Proud!

I had to post this sweet pic. Emily is such a great big sister...she loves to hold him and has adjusted to him really well (thus far):):) I just hope they will love each other like this forever and ever!

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Hooray for Belly Buttons!

Timothy finally got to take a bath this weekend...yea for a sweet smelling boy! And...(Judy)'ll be happy to know that the 2 shower-a-day-Kramers have not bathed him since. I have been tempted but I feel the need to not totally strip his skin. But tonight his little booty will be hitting the tub.

His first splashing around took place in the baby bath with big sis...she was so excited! I can't say that he loved it. Actually he was kind of a sissy about it. I told Derek that it was to be expected b/c generally men are weaker than women...hahahaha!!! That kept me laughing for a while. Emily loved her first boy, not so much! Oh well, maybe tonight will be better.

...hoping you all have a splendid weekend!

Pre-Scrub Down!

He fell asleep for a VERY brief second!

Again...He was not this calm for very long, but he made up for it in cuteness!

Aaaaahhh....sweet sleep!
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Something on My Mind!....

Okay so no pics with this one! Lots of you know Jamie and Aaron and are aware that they are adopting 2 precious little ones from Haiti. Their kids in Haiti have been on my mind a lot this past week and I have been spending a little extra time checking Jamie's blog. She has this slideshow posted on her blog showing the devastation in Haiti from the Hurricanes. I encourage you to take a look...not for shock value, but to simply be aware of what is going on in other parts of the world. I personally feel so called to pray for the children of Haiti and urge you to do the same. If you want to help in other ways, you can check out Jamie's blog.

I am not great with linking things up on my blog so here is where you can see the slideshow:

I cried the whole way through the pictures in disbelief and sadness at what the people of Haiti are facing. Please take the time to watch the slideshow, pray for the Haitian people, pray for Jamie's little boy and girl, and head over to Jamie's blog to see how to help.

Monday, September 01, 2008

More Pics...

Truly amazing what you can do while nursing a baby!:):) I was able to add to the photo album quicker than I anticipated. Check out the pics...there are some super cute shots!

Coming Home!

We have been home for a week and so I thought I would show some pics of how much Timothy and Emily seemed to have changed in a mere 7+ days. Not only is the little guy starting to fill in his wrinkles with some much needed fat, but Em all of a sudden looks so huge to me!

Derek's mom and brother were here for the past week, which was such a huge blessing in many ways! Now I have today to enjoy Derek being at home and then tomorrow I begin this new journey as Mommy of 2 somewhat solo during the day. To say I am a bit apprehensive would be well...quite an understatement, but I figure millions of women do this every day right???:) If you think of us this week please pray that I will be extra patient with Emily and that I will manage my time well and most of all that I will REST...Derek reminded me the other day that if I don't rest it doesn't do any of us any good. I need to really soak that in! I feel like there is always a million things I could be doing, but my body is definitely telling me otherwise. So I covet your sweet prayers during this time of transition for our entire family!!

Below are some pics of us bringing Timothy home. I am totally biased , but we really think he is a handsome boy! The outfit he is wearing in the first pic is the ONLY thing that will fit him right now. We laughed b/c my mom got it for him and then realized later it was for a premie only up to 7lbs. It was so precious but we figured he would never wear it...I took it to the hospital just in case. Who knew our big boy would be smaller than Emily was? It fit him perfectly.

I'll add to the photo album later. We got some great pics this past week with family and the kiddos.

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