Friday, September 12, 2008

Hooray for Belly Buttons!

Timothy finally got to take a bath this weekend...yea for a sweet smelling boy! And...(Judy)'ll be happy to know that the 2 shower-a-day-Kramers have not bathed him since. I have been tempted but I feel the need to not totally strip his skin. But tonight his little booty will be hitting the tub.

His first splashing around took place in the baby bath with big sis...she was so excited! I can't say that he loved it. Actually he was kind of a sissy about it. I told Derek that it was to be expected b/c generally men are weaker than women...hahahaha!!! That kept me laughing for a while. Emily loved her first boy, not so much! Oh well, maybe tonight will be better.

...hoping you all have a splendid weekend!

Pre-Scrub Down!

He fell asleep for a VERY brief second!

Again...He was not this calm for very long, but he made up for it in cuteness!

Aaaaahhh....sweet sleep!
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JSM said...

Is he all legs or is it just me?

Karen said...

Judy...I think it is b/c he is so skinny:)...nothing that some Weightgainer shakes and heavy workouts won't fix!;)

Kevin and Ginny Moore said...

Okay, I meant to leave the post on this one... the belly button one. I'm still too new at this blogging thing... sorry I didn't make sense! :)