Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It quickly came to my attention (thanks Rebekah and Derek:) that my last post left some...shall we say questions! The whole gang and gun shot thing...yeah I know...probably not the best thing to put in print w/o explanation! I planned on putting up more pics yesterday that would have explained it, but time got away from me. Since I'm not sure if it will happen today either, I thought a quick explanation was in order.

We spent this last weekend with some of our dear friends and all of our children on the Henderson's family farm. We had such a wonderful time and made memories that will last forever! The farm belonged to Nicole's grandparents who have passed away, but they have kept the farm in their family. Nicole was able to share pics of her family over the years on that farm and it was special to be there. What a leagacy and tradition to be able to leave your future generations!

I will post some pics of the weekend later, but in the meantime just know that the forementioned "gang" included the very scary and dangerous William's, Morrow's, and Henderson's (and obviously us) and the booming noise was them having some gun-time out in the woods. And to reassure, if you know Nicole and Austin, the gun-shooting activities were extremely safe and caution was first priority!

...will post pics soon!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Emily and the Caterpillar

On a walk back to the house with Derek, Em found this caterpillar and of course wanted to keep it. They chose to set it free! If you know the Kramer's, we encourage the releasing of all things great and small...well unless it can bite and sink poison into your body! We think it is so funny how she loves all kinds of creepy crawly things...there is no doubt that she is my daughter! (if you are curious about the booming noise in the background...the rest of the gang was back in the woods with the guns. Em had to take a pee pee break.)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Can I get a "Woot Woot" for Spring??

Can I just say that I love this time of year? (all except for the allergy craziness that comes with it:) It is beautiful here today and we enjoyed every second of it. After playing and digging outside, we went for a long walk, and then came home and took the dogs for a short walk. Em loved it! She loves, loves, loves being outside (as I'm sure most kids do) and she always has a hard time when it is time to come in. I just can't get over how pretty it is today. I hear the weekend may not be so figures since that is when we could actually enjoy it with Derek! Oh well, I'm sure there are more beautiful days to come. I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy the day, at least for a little bit! Here's to Spring!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Question Here!!!!!

Well, blue text to obviously announce that IT'S A BABY BOY!!! Of course, if you have ANY sight whatsoever it is very plain to see what the baby is. We didn't even have to wait for the lady to tell reaction, "wow, that's a boy!" Can I just say that we are THRILLED!!!! We would be ecstatic no matter what and to know that God is growing this little guy and that he is healthy just makes me want to shout to the LORD in praise!!!!

I think the ultrasound pics below are hilarious!!!! I can't stop looking at them. Is it just me or is his "boyness" very apparent? And I love the next pic...his little profile is so handsome and precious to me. I can't wait to see his sweet face. I love the shape of his forhead and his nose.

We just feel so incredibly blessed that everything looks great and that he is growing well and strong. Now...onto names! I don't even want to imagine how hard this is going to be. Boys seem so much harder to name than girls. Any suggestions are welcome, but don't be offended if they make me laugh:) Derek and I had a hard time deciding with Emily and we kept saying that if she was a boy it would have taken much longer.

Thanks to you that are praying for us...we are so thankful and appreciative! We'll keep you updated!

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Emily loves to "dance ballet" these days and it is pretty comical. This video was the shortest one of the night. It was the quickest to post, but unfortunately by this point, she was just goofing off (as usual). I actually really like her booty dance, but you can decide for yourself:)

What We've Been Up To...

These are just a few of the latest happenings in the world of Kramer. Enjoy and as always the photo gallery to the left will have bunches more.
Disciple Now Weekend was awesome...we had a great time with our youth group. This is Derek with his Freshmen guys...they are a crazy group!
Chad will be blackmailed for years to come with the photos we got of him! He was hilarious in a skit that they did.
The group having a blast while praising God and listening to Manic Bloom with our very own David talented!
Sweet Kolbster and Mia...they have very similar knee injuries on opposite knees...Kolby just had surgery and Maria is probably headed that direction (stubborn girl:):)!! They had to take a break! No mosh pit for these girls...haha!
NICE booty shot Ems! Emily got some new low rise cargo pants and we were laughing hysterically at this sight of her booty...again I have no clue why it is turned sideways.
I have no idea why this picture turned this way, but Em was playing Peek-a-boo when we dropped my mom back off at her office. I thought her face was funny!
Look at the guns on my hubby...seriously though, I love this pic!
Emily and I went to lunch with my mom for her birthday and my sweet great aunts. They are Emily's great-great aunts. They were my grandma's sisters (she passed away before she got to meet Em as did my precious great-grandma). They would have loved Emily and I think it is such a blessing that Emily can at least have this connection to them. Thanks Aunt Mamie and Aunt Dodie for a fun and yummy lunch!
Mischevious little thing!
Emily's first carwash...the face cracks me up! Playing at the park

Although it looks like I'm about to rip her arms off, I promise I wasn't...she really was laughing!
Big helper...hope that lasts through the teen years!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Mimi!

I'm jumping for joy that my Mimi was born!

Happy Birthday to my mom today! You are a wonderful mom and an amazing Mimi. We all love you so very much! I don't know what we'd do without you! Happy Happy Birthday! (Hopefully you'll get the full rendition of "Happy Birthday" this weekend from Ems.)
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