Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What We've Been Up To...

These are just a few of the latest happenings in the world of Kramer. Enjoy and as always the photo gallery to the left will have bunches more.
Disciple Now Weekend was awesome...we had a great time with our youth group. This is Derek with his Freshmen guys...they are a crazy group!
Chad will be blackmailed for years to come with the photos we got of him! He was hilarious in a skit that they did.
The group having a blast while praising God and listening to Manic Bloom with our very own David talented!
Sweet Kolbster and Mia...they have very similar knee injuries on opposite knees...Kolby just had surgery and Maria is probably headed that direction (stubborn girl:):)!! They had to take a break! No mosh pit for these girls...haha!
NICE booty shot Ems! Emily got some new low rise cargo pants and we were laughing hysterically at this sight of her booty...again I have no clue why it is turned sideways.
I have no idea why this picture turned this way, but Em was playing Peek-a-boo when we dropped my mom back off at her office. I thought her face was funny!
Look at the guns on my hubby...seriously though, I love this pic!
Emily and I went to lunch with my mom for her birthday and my sweet great aunts. They are Emily's great-great aunts. They were my grandma's sisters (she passed away before she got to meet Em as did my precious great-grandma). They would have loved Emily and I think it is such a blessing that Emily can at least have this connection to them. Thanks Aunt Mamie and Aunt Dodie for a fun and yummy lunch!
Mischevious little thing!
Emily's first carwash...the face cracks me up! Playing at the park

Although it looks like I'm about to rip her arms off, I promise I wasn't...she really was laughing!
Big helper...hope that lasts through the teen years!

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