Friday, June 26, 2009

More California Pics...

Today is our last day here in Cali. We are going to attempt a day at the beach AGAIN, but Derek and I have doubts that it will be any warmer. Emily wants to build sandcastles and play so badly. The other day it was SOOOO cold, really unbearable. We stayed for no more than 30 min. because it was just too cold. (I haven't uploaded those pics'll know which ones they are..Emily has on 3 layers of clothing:) These pics are from the first day here. Hopefully we will get some more today...actually PLAYING in the sand!!:)

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Funny Girl!

After dinner, we get both kids in their car seats, get in the car and get ready to head back to our hotel. We turn on the radio and Emily says," Mommy when a fast song comes on, turn it up and I'm gonna play my guitar and rock it out!"

She cracks me up!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why Go to Cali??...

to celebrate two really wonderful people getting hitched! It was a beautiful day in a beautiful setting with an absolutely gorgeous bride and a somewhat handsome groom (love ya Nick!) and a REALLY hot Best Man! The flower girl was quite the cutie too. Nick and Steph's wedding was so picturesque and the ceremony was perfect! We are so so excited for them as they enter this new and fun stage of life. Congrats you two...we love you so much! Below are some of my favorite pics of the day. More details on our trip and pics to come. Thankfully Derek brought the camera thingy to upload pics while we are stay tuned:)

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lots of Fun Caught on Video!

About 2 months ago, Emily learned how to ride a 2 wheeler (with training wheels of course) and she has loved riding her new bike. This video is of her getting to ride down the driveway at D's parents house. It was a wet and unusually cool May day, which made her trek down the driveway more scary for me, but Emily never thought twice. The kid has NO fear! You can't really see the detail in the video, but when she goes down the hill, she gets going so incredibly fast that I just knew she was going to bite it hard (her feet couldn't even keep up with the pedals) but somehow she balanced herself out and regained control! What a girl...she makes her Daddy proud!! Enjoy the videos! (I removed our Playlist at the bottom so that videos would be easier to hear, so no need to scroll down and mute anymore.)

Skateboarding with Uncle Sean!

This video looks a bit choppy because Derek was having to run with the camera, but it is really cute. Sean took Emily on a few skateboard rides down the driveway. She loved it! It makes me nervous just watching it, but she loved every second of the speed and the danger...I'm so nervous for what that may look like when she is 16. Derek is going to have to take her to driving school and really teach her well!

I love the car sound she was making and you really have to look, but she was "steering" with her hands!

Playing Peek-boo Part 1

This is from over a month ago, but was worth the post. It really shows what their personalities are like. SO many funny things were going on...Timothy stealing Em's prized BoBo, T's hilarious chuckles, Emily's silliness, and my favorite...her near attempt at "riding" her baby brother like a horse...lovely!

Peek-a-boo Part 2

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Surprise Birthday Party Visit!

The pics below are the reason for the Virginia trip. The four of us surprised D's mom at her 60th birthday party! Emily walked in first and because Em's face was not what she would expect seeing, it took a second to connect the dots. When she finally did, she couldn't believe it! It was fabulous and I'm so glad we pulled it off. It never would have happened without D's dad and brother. I still can't believe that we did it!
It was so much fun and the kids were up so late that night, but they were wonderful...we weren't exactly at a kid-friendly place. They spent the whole first day in the car, then the plane, then the car for another few hours, then in highchairs at a restaurant...I cannot even tell you how well they behaved and how cute they both were. I was so proud of them! We had a blast! Here's a few pics from the night...

Emily is getting pretty good at taking photos. She took this one...not sure what was up with Sean...I'm sure he was trying to be silly with Emily! (L-R...D's bro Sean, D's Samchon (Uncle), Aunt, and cousin Jason)

Derek and his Dad
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So funny!
Emily, Derek, and Halmuhnee

Telling secrets:)
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Friday, June 12, 2009

9 Month Update on TK

9.5 months
19 lbs 6oz
28 inches

If I could describe the amount of food Timothy eats in one day, you wouldn't believe me! I don't think our family in VA did either until they saw it with their own eyes. He is a BOTTOMLESS PIT!! So one would conclude that he would be quite the chunky little thing...right??? Nope! Normally I could care less about the percentile stuff, but this time I asked Dr. E where Timothy fell on the chart. He said that Timothy is sitting where he has always change. He is in the 25th for weight and the 30th for height. What??? How is that even possible I asked our pediatrician. This child at 9 months eats more then his 3.5 year old sister. Dr. E responded with a funny look and asked (as Timothy was squirming in his lap, arching his back, and coming really close to kicking the doc in his family jewels) "is he always this active?," to which I responded "YES!!!!" He said well there's your answer, he is burning off everything he eats! That brings me to the second thing that you can't fully appreciate about Timothy until you are with him for ohhhh, I don't know....2 seconds! He NEVER stops moving!! And I really do mean that. Unless the child is sleeping or eating...movement, endless movement! And he is strong, so strong! About a month ago, I discovered that he could do a flexed arm hang at the park one day...and b/c I knew no one would ever believe that, I asked my friend Nicole to take a pic on my phone a couple weeks later when I let him "hang" again. I counted to 8 before he let go. I guess we really should have named him Samson!

He really is a great baby boy...not so babyish anymore though. He has 6 teeth and 2 more are working on coming in. He takes about 6-7 steps at a time, cruises all over, has mastered the stairs, and is into EVERYTHING in our house. The other day, he stuck his hand in the toilet...NICE!!

I can't describe how much fun he is though. His laugh is incredibly infectious and when he smiles at you, you could just eat him up! He flirts like crazy and occassionally becomes shy and cuts his eyes a bit. He is precious and we are loving this new stage he is in.

We love you little man! You have added so much joy to our family! I can't wait to see what the next few months brings...remind me of my words when he scales the crib for the first time or leaps off the back of the couch!
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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Quick Catch-Up Before the Massive Picture Posting Begins!

I realized yesterday that I had never posted any pics of some rather important events that have occurred over the last month.

Here's the quick catch-up. Judy, one of my dearest friends in the whole world, had her sweet baby girl a few weeks ago!! I cannot get pics up on my blog...most likely b/c I don't really know what I am doing on here most of the time, but if you want to see pics of sweet little Reid Louise Mitchell, you can click on Judy's link on the right side of the blog. She is a cutie-pie and I can't stand it that I haven't held her yet. Congrats Brett and Judy!! are dear to us and you are going to be AMAZING parents!!! Love you tons!!!

On another note, we did the annual strawberry picking outing with some sweet friends and had so much fun. We made a day of it with lunch afterwards where...get ready for this...I gave Timothy his first piece of a french fry! Shocking I know...Judy, try not to pass out (I think I'll still hold off on the donuts until at least a year:)haha!!) It was lots of fun and Emily picked lots of great berries and we came home and made jam without preserves...thanks Ash! The girls always have fun together and they even got to enjoy strawberry popsicles after we were done.

The Kramer's also hosted our big Season Finale LOST Party. This year it was downsized a bit because the finale aired the night of our Comunity Group gathering which takes place in our home. Thankfully lots of our fellow CGers are avid LOST fanatics, so we had our regular group and a few others over to watch. We had food that was of course LOST-themed including a cake that I worked on for a couple of hours. I am already excited for the big finale next year. I couldn't fit pics of the LOST party in this post, so they will come later...stay tuned!:)

Finally, I had my last "official" night as a youth leader with our teens a few weeks ago. To say that it has been hard to step down is a ridiculous understatement! I am really sad about this change and at the same time trusting that in my obedience in stepping down, God has something else in store for me and my family right now. My group of girls graduated and I knew last Summer that I had clearly heard from the Lord about this being my last group for awhile. I look forward to still hanging out with all of the teens and helping Derek host things for his guys. I know that God will provide other ways for me to serve, but this is a very hard transition because I so love working with the youth!! The night was really special. They prepared frames with photos and the teens wrote such sweet notes. I will cherish it always! (more pics of this night to come as well)

For now, that's all I've got! I've caught a little cold from my kiddos and have many household chores calling my name...and Timothy will be too here shortly:) Timothy has his 9 month check-up tomorrow so I will be posting his stats tomorrow if time permits

Georgia, Emily, and Bella holding their prized picks of the day

Timothy tackling Emily...he's starting young!

My sweet senior girls...aren't they a gorgeous group of girls (inside and out)? I am so proud of them and can't wait to see where God leads them!!

Derek and his guys on the Senior send-off night, which was my last night as well. His guys are so much fun...what a bunch of goof-balls!!
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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We flew back into Nashville last night and are excited to be home and to see Derek! But at the same time, we are feeling the bittersweeness of missing our family. It was a super fun trip and we made so many memories. Tiring at times, but so completely worth it!!! Emily told me while we were there that she wanted to move closer to her cousins. I reminded her that to do that she has to move away from her Mimi and her friends...she told me that she thinks we should live close to both....hmmmm, not sure how to make that one happen!:):) Oh the joys of a three year old imagination!

This morning we enjoyed some much needed time together at the park walking, playing, and eating breakfast. We are headed back to the park this evening to enjoy more of this beautiful day. I'll post pics and share more details of our trip soon...hopefully this weekend!