Monday, August 30, 2010

The Many Faces Of Stella Grace...AKA "Chubs"

Here she is...our baby girl is already plumping up quite a bit...7 Weeks old today! Stella Grace is growing so much every day and we are loving her to pieces! She is so precious!! She had a great check-up at 1 month and will go back mid September. Once again, we are thankful for a healthy child. Overall, she is doing great. She is smiling a lot and making some new really cute sounds. She is also sleeping a bit longer through the night and really only cries when she has a gas bubble or is hungry. Stella is also proving to be very strong as you can see from one of the photos below. She is a blessing to our family and I am so thankful for her! (I realize little miss is getting lots of blog time today, but my goal is to update on each of the kiddos this way since I was on a bit of a blogging hiatus for a couple of weeks:)

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First sweet. Emily gets the biggest ones.

Getting love from "Cole"

How she did this we still don't know! We found her this way during a nap. She was originally placed in the bassinet with her head on that yellow pad. She is a very strong little girl (this was 5 wks. old)

Sweet Sisters! We just loved Stella's arm...just hanging out!
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First bath

Snoozing with Daddy

Emily is a fan of Baby Sister:)

Meeting Halmee for the first time
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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Check it Out!

Some of you knew that I was going to answer a few questions for a journalist for Voice Of America (VOA) about the homebirth. He had contacted my midwife and she asked if we would let him interview us. We thought it was just going to be in print but it actually was a video piece as well.

Although I felt like they changed and edited some of my wording to make it sound like our previous experiences in the hospital were a bit more dramatic than what I ACTUALLY said, I thought it was a good overall story on homebirths as an option for some people and I was happy to be a part of it. My midwife Mary Ann is on the video as well...she is awesome!...just in case anyone is in need of a terrific midwife, I'm happy to refer...hehe:)! The link to the article and the video is below. I laughed at the footage of my belly on camera. The skirt I was wearing that day made lines on my belly because of my hugeness and they showed up on camera...haha!! Enjoy! (btw...they included pics of the kiddos too which are really sweet.)