Thursday, April 07, 2011


Okay so I realize I took a ridiculously long blog hiatus and am now posting for the second time in 24 hours! haha!!

BUT this is for a precious little guy named Vanya AND YOU can win some seriously awesome stuff just by reposting on your blog or FB or Twitter or donating ANY amount!!!

ALL of us can do this....we can ALL help find this adorable little guy a family!

Hop on over to this blog and see a completely ridiculous amount of prizes for helping this little boy.  SO many awesome people donated to make this happen.  It gives me chills.  Seriously, my mouth was hanging open when I saw all of the STUFF!!!  And if I don't win a thing, I know I will never miss the time it took to post this entry or the 10 bucks that I gave!  

DO IT!!!!! Just do it and when his family steps forward you will feel so awesome knowing that God used little old you to help find this sweet boy a home forever!

Continuing on That Road of Humility....

It is late and I could write so much about all that is going on with us.  I need to update so badly. 

Our computer is currently in a state of not letting us upload pics so I have been reluctant to post because, I mean really who comes to read my words.  I know pics are what you want:)  I wish I could share how our sweet little ones are growing up...soon I hope;) 

Emily constantly amazes us and she is the joy of my heart!  I am daily amazed at how intuitive she is and how creative and smart she is.  Her love for the Lord is simply beautiful.  She is one special little girl and I love her to pieces.  Timothy is still keeping me on my toes daily and is getting funnier every day.  His facial expressions can make any tense moment turn into a comedy routine.  The kid is such a little love.  I think he tells me that I am his "cheeseburger" (his term of endearment...thank you Veggie Tales:)12 times a day!  And sweet little Stella Grace, oh how I could just eat her up!  She is growing up so fast that it makes my heart hurt.  She loves to eat, loves to laugh at her brother and sister, and is really beginning to make herself heard:)  We don't have to worry about her fading into the background as a 3rd unheard child...that is FOR sure!  I just love each of them so much!

And on the adoption front...

We had our big fundraiser/music/dessert/silent auction event and raised over $6,000.  Between that and the yard sale we had about a month ago, we had just enough to send in our dossier and passports and shipping and such!  It literally took Ivan's account down to almost nothing, but God provided exactly what we needed and that was humbling beyond words!

And speaking of humbling...I could go on and on about all of the selfless efforts that SO many people are doing to help us raise money to get our son home!  Lots of people I don't even know.  I am still blown away that people that had never met my family showed up in support the night of our benefit!  Derek and I are constantly humbled at the daily things that have happened.  I feel like we are in a season of need and humility that we have never been before.  NEVER would I have been okay with asking for the amount of help that I have in the last few months.  NEVER would I have accepted money from strangers and NEVER would I have let so many people serve my family in such huge ways.  But I am learning!  I am learning that the body of Christ is meant for just this and it is truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced.  I am also learning that pride has absolutely NO place in our relationship with our Heavenly Father!  Painful lessons to learn but the growth in us is indescribable!!

There are a few events coming up that are pretty awesome!  All three events will provide more funds to pay the very large upcoming fees before we travel to meet Ivan for the first time.

~One friend is having a weekend of photography mini-sessions...Check it out here!!!

~Another friend is having a yard sale in if you are in that area, check this out!!!

~Last but certainly not least, two of Derek's youth guys are having a concert at a local coffee shop!  There is NO charge to get in, but they will be accepting donations.  I am amazed by these two young men...just awesome!

So, there you have it!  That's a snippet of what is going on with us! 

Will post more this week when I get confirmation that our Primary Dossier has been shipped off to that faraway land:):)  CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!