Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Really Need to Catch Up!!!

I feel like that has been the title of every post recently! I would so love to get completely caught up on our blog so that I can post frequently about daily stuff. Oh well, I can dream!
I haven't posted from as far back as Timothy's 3rd birthday so I have decided to post from there. Hopefully that will help me get caught up with everything in between because our first baby girl turns 6 in one month!!! How did that happen?

Here's how our 3 year old little guy spent his special day.
Awaiting his special present from his Mimi.

  The long-awaited Imaginext Dragon Castle

A fun day celebrating Timothy with friends at the Discovery Center.

I know....a pathetic little cake:(  This is what happens when you can't use dyed frosting to decorate a cake. I had to use something that could be removed easily since TK can't have red (or any) dyes. Timothy didn't seem to mind:)

Timothy and Sophie....such sweet little friends.  They were tickling each other here:)

Love our little ones!

What a little nut!  Our kids LOVE to dress up!!

Sweet Stella Bella!

Derek is the best dad ever...always found hanging out with multiple kiddos when our friends' little ones are around!

Saying goodbye to Sophie...she looks like she has had enough of his nonsense:)

Sophie's momma and my dear friend...she looks way too cool to be at a 3 year old's birthday party!

Emily always loving her time with her daddy!!!

Opening gifts back at home sent from Halmee and Grandpa in VA!

The beloved trampoline that was a joint gift from us and family for the kids.

The "Sprinkoline" never gets old

And this is what I LOVE about the trampoline!  How did we EVER survive without it???

Ice cream cones on TK's actual birthday!

Our fun and sweet little man!  I might note that he was in his usual attire pants:)

Stella's first Nutty Buddy:)  She LOVED it and ate the ENTIRE thing!!!

Timothy Kramer, you bring us such an immense amount of joy and laughter!  We love that you are so spirited and always ready for an adventure.  We love your desire to know more and more about God and His Word.  We continue to pray that you will ask the Lord into your heart at a young age and that your "winsome" personality will lead people to Him!  We love you so so much and can't wait to see you grow into a man seeking after God's heart!!!