Friday, February 20, 2009

Video Crazy!

I went nutso with posting some video today!!...Mostly due to the fact that Picassa was allowing me to upload to YouTube, which is way faster than Google. Make sure to turn the sound off of the Playlist at the bottom so you can hear the video. Enjoy!

Laughing So Hard!

Timothy's First Solids

Timothy's Playdate with Sophie

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Funny Comparison!

Little TK started solids this week and it has been fun. He has been eyeing our plates for quite a while now, but we were really trying to wait until he was 6 months. This Sun. he will be officially 6 mo. old and we just couldn't wait any longer...this boy was ready to eat!! He took to his very first bit of rice cereal like a total champ. He never made a sour face. The second and third nights, I actually had to make a bit extra. He will be starting avocado this Sat. What a big boy...I cannot believe how fast the time is flying by!

Derek and I have laughed and laughed about how different he and Emily are. Meals are still a struggle for Emily. She eats really great food and actually likes is the rate at which she eats that could send us to the looney bin. Timothy, on the other hand, acts like he has been eating solids for a couple of months. He finished his bowl of cereal last night before Em was even halfway done with her dinner...what in the world??

The pics below are so funny to me. The first two are of Timothy this past Sun. afternoon. The last two are of Emily at almost the exact same age with the exact same food. Look at the difference in their totally cracks me up! Girl=DRAMA!!! Well maybe not all girls, but certainly our sweetie pie! These are fun times for sure! Almost makes me want another.....HAHA!!!! Oh I am FUNNY!!!!

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Continued Prayer...

Yesterday was the funeral for Benji and Rebekah's sweet baby girl, Gracie. Gracie went home to be with the Lord last Friday, just one short week ago today.

I can't and won't attempt to put into words my admiration for this dear family! I will just say that I am learning so much from the Baker's about God and His nature and who He truly is through them.

Gracie's funeral was perfect yesterday and won't post any details until the Baker's do that themselves, if they choose to. I am just asking that everyone please continue to pray for the Baker's, daily lifting them up before the throne of God. It is tempting to think that now they should just move on and begin to heal, but I really think this is where their grieving will fully begin. So again, I beg of you to pray for them now and months from now when they are still walking this path laid out for them!

If you would like to leave them a comment or catch up with them, you can visit their blog at:

It is difficult to describe how awesome the Baker's are. Their laughs are infectious, their personalities are strong and kind, they are genuine and real, thoughtful and generous, they love in big ways, and I am honored to call them our friends! They are the kinds of friends that everyone needs. What a blessing they are to so many!

"Father God, would you hold the Baker's close to you as they walk through this time of grief, mourning, and remembrance? Please allow them to feel Your sweet embrace like never before. Thank You for the gift of Caroline and Gracie. Thank You for who You made Benji and Rebekah! We praise You for Your workmanship!"
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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Prayer Request!!!

Would you please join us in praying for our dear friends Benji and Rebekah Baker? You can visit their blog here:

4:48...Yes That Would be A.M.!!!!!

So this is how it went down...

Last weekend, Timothy was ultra fussy (not common these days:) and teething badly. That equaled loss of sleep and more wakefulness for him which in turn meant loss of sleep and being "off" schedule for us. Normally we put Em to bed together. B/c of TK's teething and a decision on our part to let Em stay up later, I was feeding Timothy while Derek put Emily to bed. Derek brought her in, I kissed her and said goodnight, I love get the picture. She protested a little, "I want Mommy to 'tum' in here!" We reassured her and told her I would come in after putting Timothy in bed. After getting TK all snuggled in his crib, I tiptoed over to Em's room and kissed her sweet face and pulled her covers up around her neck....she was sleeping so well and peacefully!

I hung out with Derek for a bit and then off to bed we went in anticipation that Timothy would probably wake in the night with his teeth...that brings me to...
4:48 am!!!
As I was sleeping deeply, I jerk up out of bed to the sound of our door being flung open. I see the outine of this 3 foot shadow, hands on hips, and a very grumpy yet clear voice declaring, "you said you would tum into my room and say doodnight and you didn't!!!!"
WHAT!!! Seriously? Did she really just wake up from a dead sleep in the middle of the night to inform me that she was aware that I broke a promise and she would not let me get away with it????

I assured her that I DID indeed "tum" into to say "doodnight" and swiftly took her back to her room where we cuddled for a minute. I say it over and over, but my kid has the memory of an elephant (where did that saying come from?) and I believe this serves as proof! What a personality that girl has!

*****Be sure to scroll down as I have FINALLY updated our blog with multiple posts!!******
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"Help!...My teeth HURT!!"

"ahhh...much better!"

If only he smiled more...

In years to come...this is a look that spells trouble!
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If Timothy Could Talk...

...he'd say, "I'm outta here!" My baby is almost crawling! How did this happen?? It's just too soon...
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I Hope It Lasts Forever!

On a good note, Caleb (Em's best buddy) got to spend part of the night about a week ago. The not so good part was the reason why. Caleb's grandfather had quad. bypass heart surgery. Nicole and Austin headed to the hospital after his surgery and we got to hang out with Caleb. We had such a great time with him. We talked Cars and all sorts of other crazy things. I can't say that much sleeping went on and the conversations taking place between the two of them before finally drifting off to dreamland were HILARIOUS! We all really do hope that these two will be lifelong buddies. Secretly, we hope they eventually get hitched about 20 years from now, but we'll leave that one up to God!:) We love you sweet Caleb! AND...Thankfully Austin's dad seems to be recovering well.

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Timothy and Emily...BFF!!!

Okay so I know the title of the post is terribly cheesey...but it is true. I am in awe of how much Timothy already loves his big sister. Derek and I always comment how he doesn't respond to anyone quite like he does is so precious! She wants to hold him all the time and I think she is beginning to realize that he is going to be alot of fun when he starts moving around more. I so look forward to the bond that grows between these two over the years.

What a good Daddy!! This is frequently how time is spent with Derek and the munchkins. Timothy doesn't know just how good he has it yet!:)

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5 Months and He's on the Move!...

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