Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Funny Comparison!

Little TK started solids this week and it has been fun. He has been eyeing our plates for quite a while now, but we were really trying to wait until he was 6 months. This Sun. he will be officially 6 mo. old and we just couldn't wait any longer...this boy was ready to eat!! He took to his very first bit of rice cereal like a total champ. He never made a sour face. The second and third nights, I actually had to make a bit extra. He will be starting avocado this Sat. What a big boy...I cannot believe how fast the time is flying by!

Derek and I have laughed and laughed about how different he and Emily are. Meals are still a struggle for Emily. She eats really great food and actually likes is the rate at which she eats that could send us to the looney bin. Timothy, on the other hand, acts like he has been eating solids for a couple of months. He finished his bowl of cereal last night before Em was even halfway done with her dinner...what in the world??

The pics below are so funny to me. The first two are of Timothy this past Sun. afternoon. The last two are of Emily at almost the exact same age with the exact same food. Look at the difference in their totally cracks me up! Girl=DRAMA!!! Well maybe not all girls, but certainly our sweetie pie! These are fun times for sure! Almost makes me want another.....HAHA!!!! Oh I am FUNNY!!!!

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laurie said...

Ok those really are great pictures. Are you sure you weren't feeding Ems a sour pickle? :-) They are too cute...Yeah, Timothy is joining the "let's make the parents broke by eating all the food in the house" club.

Watson Warriors said...

He looks like Baker....lovin every minute of it. When we started sweet potatos it was like candy! Wish I felt that way about veggies. He is getting so big and is such a cutie pie. What big bright eyes! I could kiss him all over!

JSM said...

Ha ha, it looks like Em is about to projectile vomit all over you!
Thank you for documenting Timothy "almost" as much you did Emmers :)