Thursday, February 05, 2009

4:48...Yes That Would be A.M.!!!!!

So this is how it went down...

Last weekend, Timothy was ultra fussy (not common these days:) and teething badly. That equaled loss of sleep and more wakefulness for him which in turn meant loss of sleep and being "off" schedule for us. Normally we put Em to bed together. B/c of TK's teething and a decision on our part to let Em stay up later, I was feeding Timothy while Derek put Emily to bed. Derek brought her in, I kissed her and said goodnight, I love get the picture. She protested a little, "I want Mommy to 'tum' in here!" We reassured her and told her I would come in after putting Timothy in bed. After getting TK all snuggled in his crib, I tiptoed over to Em's room and kissed her sweet face and pulled her covers up around her neck....she was sleeping so well and peacefully!

I hung out with Derek for a bit and then off to bed we went in anticipation that Timothy would probably wake in the night with his teeth...that brings me to...
4:48 am!!!
As I was sleeping deeply, I jerk up out of bed to the sound of our door being flung open. I see the outine of this 3 foot shadow, hands on hips, and a very grumpy yet clear voice declaring, "you said you would tum into my room and say doodnight and you didn't!!!!"
WHAT!!! Seriously? Did she really just wake up from a dead sleep in the middle of the night to inform me that she was aware that I broke a promise and she would not let me get away with it????

I assured her that I DID indeed "tum" into to say "doodnight" and swiftly took her back to her room where we cuddled for a minute. I say it over and over, but my kid has the memory of an elephant (where did that saying come from?) and I believe this serves as proof! What a personality that girl has!

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anna said...

hilarious!! i can just see her running in with hands on hips, priceless!