Friday, February 13, 2009

Continued Prayer...

Yesterday was the funeral for Benji and Rebekah's sweet baby girl, Gracie. Gracie went home to be with the Lord last Friday, just one short week ago today.

I can't and won't attempt to put into words my admiration for this dear family! I will just say that I am learning so much from the Baker's about God and His nature and who He truly is through them.

Gracie's funeral was perfect yesterday and won't post any details until the Baker's do that themselves, if they choose to. I am just asking that everyone please continue to pray for the Baker's, daily lifting them up before the throne of God. It is tempting to think that now they should just move on and begin to heal, but I really think this is where their grieving will fully begin. So again, I beg of you to pray for them now and months from now when they are still walking this path laid out for them!

If you would like to leave them a comment or catch up with them, you can visit their blog at:

It is difficult to describe how awesome the Baker's are. Their laughs are infectious, their personalities are strong and kind, they are genuine and real, thoughtful and generous, they love in big ways, and I am honored to call them our friends! They are the kinds of friends that everyone needs. What a blessing they are to so many!

"Father God, would you hold the Baker's close to you as they walk through this time of grief, mourning, and remembrance? Please allow them to feel Your sweet embrace like never before. Thank You for the gift of Caroline and Gracie. Thank You for who You made Benji and Rebekah! We praise You for Your workmanship!"
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Kevin and Ginny Moore said...

That was beautiful, thank you. I look forward to talking to you... hopefully today. Love you!

Gerry Ann said...

Thanks for the beautiful post. Benji and Rebekah are blessed to have you and Derek as friends. It was great to finally meet both of you yesterday.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

praying for your sweet friends. what a terrible loss.