Thursday, February 05, 2009

I Hope It Lasts Forever!

On a good note, Caleb (Em's best buddy) got to spend part of the night about a week ago. The not so good part was the reason why. Caleb's grandfather had quad. bypass heart surgery. Nicole and Austin headed to the hospital after his surgery and we got to hang out with Caleb. We had such a great time with him. We talked Cars and all sorts of other crazy things. I can't say that much sleeping went on and the conversations taking place between the two of them before finally drifting off to dreamland were HILARIOUS! We all really do hope that these two will be lifelong buddies. Secretly, we hope they eventually get hitched about 20 years from now, but we'll leave that one up to God!:) We love you sweet Caleb! AND...Thankfully Austin's dad seems to be recovering well.

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Kolby said...

No sleeping with boys until Emily is married. :)

What cuties. I love all the new pictures of Timothy. He's so adorable. That smile is priceless!! All your new posts are distracting me from doing my "work". I'd rather read them than do the Busy Bee.

We miss yall.