Thursday, October 21, 2010

Handsome Boy!

Nothing much to say...

Timothy is getting more handsome every day...growing into a little boy. He is also getting funnier and funnier! He really is a little nut. His antics and the things he says absolutely crack us up and bring such laughter to our home! And what a love he is! He never runs out of hugs and kisses! We love our Timothy Michael!

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Heart Just Leaps!

I SURE do love these precious babies!
(I almost got all boy is looking a little crazy!)
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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Somebody is Getting Pretty Fun to Play With!

Our tiny one is not so tiny anymore! She is becoming quite the little talker and active girl. She rolled over last week (11 weeks) for the first time...tummy to back. She loves to giggle and "talk" to us. Poor Derek is in a house full of chatter-boxes...he doesn't stand a chance!:) We are all loving watching Stella grow and as evidenced by her rolls, she is doing that very well!

TK and Ems are so sweet to her and it is a joy watching their relationships take shape. I think I am finally hitting a season of more rest which is helping with my patience when their relationships are needing some "shaping" from an outside source!:) Haha! Let's just say that Emily hasn't quite embraced Timothy's stage of exploration and curiosity as well as I would like! It takes a lot out of a momma and daddy at the end of the day. But, as I said, I am making the choice to be joyful and have patience. When I am tired, those are not easy choices. I have been humbled while learning that I indeed have to CHOOSE those things! Our babies really are so precious and I am really praying these days that I embrace all of the difficulties and challenges of 3 children 4 and under with grace and joy. I am a very flawed person and have not been doing those things very well, but thank God He offers me mercy and understands EXACTLY what I need and EXACTLY where I am!! I don't know how unbelievers walk through their days...I couldn't do it without the Lord! And not because He is my crutch but because He sustains me. Thankfully I serve a very patient and loving God!...And I have a very forgiving husband and children. I am sure they will all need therapy one day!

Speaking of joy and blessings, here are some pics of the little sweeties!

Oh and our dear friends Kevin and Ginny had their sweet little miracle baby boy! Welcome Bennett!...We cannot wait to hold you! She shared her birth story on her blog (in less than a week after his birth...and she has another son just over 18 months old...sheesh!) and totally reminded me that I had yet to share Stella's and inspired me to get on it!! So, Stella's birth story coming soon!:)

She has the biggest, brightest eyes!

And she loves to smile!

What a chunker! (You should see her thighs:)

TK was sharing his killer whale...he is so cute with her!

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Playing with Big Sister!

Stella is THE most kissed baby in the World!

Right before she turned over!
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