Friday, February 26, 2010

A Plethora of Dancing!!

Timothy was so cute "reading" the other night! He was just jabbering away. He does actually use real words, but when we tell him to "read" this is the result...too cute! And I just love how sweet Em is with him.

The following videos of the kids dancing are so absolutely hilarious! I know there are a lot of videos, but I promise they are so worth it! Below the videos is another post from today with Belly Shots! Happy Weekend to everyone!!

This Little Girl is Growing!

Well, I am currently a couple days shy of beginning Week 21 with this sweet baby girl and feel great...FINALLY!:) I haven't had any migraines in 2 weeks and my sinuses are clear. Hooray! I started to feel her move about 2 weeks ago but the movement was so slight. Now I am feeling her bump around lots more, but they are so gentle...for now:) I am enjoying having more energy and feeling more like myself. I have been meaning to get some belly shots up and just haven't taken the time to do it. I have had some requests...ahem Rachael:) here you go!

Timothy and Emily are doing great. Both of them are in such a fun stage! I am sure everyone says this about their kids, but I am amazed at how much they love each other. When TK had his 18 month shots this week, Emily was almost in tears and sometimes he actually wants only her to comfort him. I pray that they will always love each other like that. I think that is one of the best things about multiple children...knowing that they have each other! I can't wait to see how their little sister fits into the groove of things. We are blessed and I am constantly reminded of that!!

Our little worker "Handy Timothy"...on a side note, he plays with this more than Emily, even though she BEGGED for it for Christmas. Go figure:)

The look on his face cracks me up...I wish I knew what he was thinking!

Sweet Emily...with a BABY DOLL...she does like some girly things!!

Here I am in all my belly glory! Baby Girl #2 at almost 21 weeks! (Please forgive the no make-up look...I am not as tired as I look:)
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Funny Emily!

Emily says things daily that make me and Derek look at each other and roll our eyes and laugh. She is the only four year old that I personally know that uses words like "realistically" and "actually" and "perseverance" and my personal favorite of the day "indeed."

This morning as she was climbing up in the chair at the counter I asked her if she was trying to get her baby doll. She responded, "Indeed I am." I glanced at her half expecting that she was trying to amuse me. Nope, she had already retrieved her baby and was onto something else. She didn't expect me to think it was funny. She was just conversing as normal. Have I mentioned that she CRACKS me up!?! Indeed, she does!!:)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thrilled to Announce...

that we are expecting our second BABY GIRL!!!! We had our ultrasound yesterday and everything looked perfect. Derek and I cannot fully express our gratitude for our healthy baby girl! It was so wonderful to see her heart beating strong and to see all of her little parts. We even got to see her sucking her thumb (pic below). That never happened with Timothy or Emily and we loved seeing that sweet little hand!

Emily was absolutely beside herself with excitement. Timothy just points to my belly button when we ask him where the baby is. We are so excited to see what our family will be like once we welcome this little girl! Timothy gets to be a protector of 2 sisters and Emily gets to be a big sister to a little brother and sister. I am just so thankful!

I am feeling much better than I was a couple of weeks ago...definitely more like myself. The baby is growing a lot (which means I am too:) and finally felt the baby move this past Sat. It was the typical first fluttery feelings but I
loved feeling her move.

Some cute pics are below. Forgive the lack of quality of the ultrasound pics. They are pictures of pictures. Thank you for your prayers for our baby and our family!

Baby Girl's Profile
Emily tackling her brother...he LOVED it!

Emily loves to draw these days and this is a picture she drew of me (with my glasses on:) She is so sweet. I love the look on her proud!

Derek and Timothy watching some VeggieTales together while I finished cooking dinner.

Emily and TK were watching the same Veggie Tales with one another. I think it is so cute how they love being under fuzzy blankets. My mom got each of them a new fuzzy blanket for Valentine's Day and they loved them! I got one too:)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Dancing and Escaping!

We have gotten some great video lately and this is a sampling. New post below as well, with pics:)

Monday, February 08, 2010

Just a Little of What We've Been Up To!

I am so excited to finally be able to access some of our pictures that I had to get some on the blog tonight. I have so much to catch up on! There are Christmas pics, Em's bday, my bday, baby updates, Timothy's crazy dancing skills yet to be noted, Timothy's crazy crib escape antics also yet to be noted, and on and on. I really have to get our blog up to date with our current lives!

For now, the update will have to suffice with these cute photos of my babies. More to come...:):)

One of our MANY dance parties over the last couple of months...the kids are hilarious!

TK during a dance party...I think he fell while dancing with the broom:)

My son has THE best laugh ever! He is such a funny little guy...I love this face!

All of Emily's buddies at her birthday party with a great friend of ours, Brian, a local firefighter. Emily chose a fireman birthday party for her 4th birthday and it was so much fun. Brian was very gracious to come and talk to the kids in uniform. Emily has a slight, ahem, crush on "Mr. Brian" since the party.

After a fun family dinner one night at Mellow Mushroom, we had a major treat cream dipped in chocolate. Timothy got to eat some of his sister's and oh my was he loving it! I LOVE this picture. Em is such a wonderful big sister...most of the time;)