Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thrilled to Announce...

that we are expecting our second BABY GIRL!!!! We had our ultrasound yesterday and everything looked perfect. Derek and I cannot fully express our gratitude for our healthy baby girl! It was so wonderful to see her heart beating strong and to see all of her little parts. We even got to see her sucking her thumb (pic below). That never happened with Timothy or Emily and we loved seeing that sweet little hand!

Emily was absolutely beside herself with excitement. Timothy just points to my belly button when we ask him where the baby is. We are so excited to see what our family will be like once we welcome this little girl! Timothy gets to be a protector of 2 sisters and Emily gets to be a big sister to a little brother and sister. I am just so thankful!

I am feeling much better than I was a couple of weeks ago...definitely more like myself. The baby is growing a lot (which means I am too:) and finally felt the baby move this past Sat. It was the typical first fluttery feelings but I
loved feeling her move.

Some cute pics are below. Forgive the lack of quality of the ultrasound pics. They are pictures of pictures. Thank you for your prayers for our baby and our family!

Baby Girl's Profile
Emily tackling her brother...he LOVED it!

Emily loves to draw these days and this is a picture she drew of me (with my glasses on:) She is so sweet. I love the look on her face...so proud!

Derek and Timothy watching some VeggieTales together while I finished cooking dinner.

Emily and TK were watching the same Veggie Tales with one another. I think it is so cute how they love being under fuzzy blankets. My mom got each of them a new fuzzy blanket for Valentine's Day and they loved them! I got one too:)


Anonymous said...

congrats, i'm so excited for you all!


Jenny said...

hooray for baby girl!

Jada Scruggs said...

congrats on your healthy baby girl! little anna laura will have a little buddy to play with:)