Monday, February 08, 2010

Just a Little of What We've Been Up To!

I am so excited to finally be able to access some of our pictures that I had to get some on the blog tonight. I have so much to catch up on! There are Christmas pics, Em's bday, my bday, baby updates, Timothy's crazy dancing skills yet to be noted, Timothy's crazy crib escape antics also yet to be noted, and on and on. I really have to get our blog up to date with our current lives!

For now, the update will have to suffice with these cute photos of my babies. More to come...:):)

One of our MANY dance parties over the last couple of months...the kids are hilarious!

TK during a dance party...I think he fell while dancing with the broom:)

My son has THE best laugh ever! He is such a funny little guy...I love this face!

All of Emily's buddies at her birthday party with a great friend of ours, Brian, a local firefighter. Emily chose a fireman birthday party for her 4th birthday and it was so much fun. Brian was very gracious to come and talk to the kids in uniform. Emily has a slight, ahem, crush on "Mr. Brian" since the party.

After a fun family dinner one night at Mellow Mushroom, we had a major treat cream dipped in chocolate. Timothy got to eat some of his sister's and oh my was he loving it! I LOVE this picture. Em is such a wonderful big sister...most of the time;)


rachael said...

I love the crib escape...looks like it might be ready for the bed! He looks more and more like Derek everytime I see a picture of him..btw he's an awesome dancer...I like the head
Can't wait to see more pictures and read more about your crazy family! Post pictues of you baby bump...and an update on the progress would be nice. Love ya, Rachael

The Moore Family said...

Such beautiful children you have. I'm sure baby #3 will be just as beautiful (or handsome)! I love the birthday theme for Em and it looked like you got a new couch in the loft? Can't wait to see you in just a week and a half!!!!!!!!!!!!!