Saturday, February 20, 2010

Funny Emily!

Emily says things daily that make me and Derek look at each other and roll our eyes and laugh. She is the only four year old that I personally know that uses words like "realistically" and "actually" and "perseverance" and my personal favorite of the day "indeed."

This morning as she was climbing up in the chair at the counter I asked her if she was trying to get her baby doll. She responded, "Indeed I am." I glanced at her half expecting that she was trying to amuse me. Nope, she had already retrieved her baby and was onto something else. She didn't expect me to think it was funny. She was just conversing as normal. Have I mentioned that she CRACKS me up!?! Indeed, she does!!:)

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grace said...

So sweet! I cannot believe how big Timothy is getting.. i love the way he reads!Precious.Little Stella Grace is growing!You looking good hot momma!