Friday, June 12, 2009

9 Month Update on TK

9.5 months
19 lbs 6oz
28 inches

If I could describe the amount of food Timothy eats in one day, you wouldn't believe me! I don't think our family in VA did either until they saw it with their own eyes. He is a BOTTOMLESS PIT!! So one would conclude that he would be quite the chunky little thing...right??? Nope! Normally I could care less about the percentile stuff, but this time I asked Dr. E where Timothy fell on the chart. He said that Timothy is sitting where he has always change. He is in the 25th for weight and the 30th for height. What??? How is that even possible I asked our pediatrician. This child at 9 months eats more then his 3.5 year old sister. Dr. E responded with a funny look and asked (as Timothy was squirming in his lap, arching his back, and coming really close to kicking the doc in his family jewels) "is he always this active?," to which I responded "YES!!!!" He said well there's your answer, he is burning off everything he eats! That brings me to the second thing that you can't fully appreciate about Timothy until you are with him for ohhhh, I don't know....2 seconds! He NEVER stops moving!! And I really do mean that. Unless the child is sleeping or eating...movement, endless movement! And he is strong, so strong! About a month ago, I discovered that he could do a flexed arm hang at the park one day...and b/c I knew no one would ever believe that, I asked my friend Nicole to take a pic on my phone a couple weeks later when I let him "hang" again. I counted to 8 before he let go. I guess we really should have named him Samson!

He really is a great baby boy...not so babyish anymore though. He has 6 teeth and 2 more are working on coming in. He takes about 6-7 steps at a time, cruises all over, has mastered the stairs, and is into EVERYTHING in our house. The other day, he stuck his hand in the toilet...NICE!!

I can't describe how much fun he is though. His laugh is incredibly infectious and when he smiles at you, you could just eat him up! He flirts like crazy and occassionally becomes shy and cuts his eyes a bit. He is precious and we are loving this new stage he is in.

We love you little man! You have added so much joy to our family! I can't wait to see what the next few months brings...remind me of my words when he scales the crib for the first time or leaps off the back of the couch!
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Katie said...

look at that big boy! he's such a happy baby - both your babies are. you are so blessed! i can't wait to meet him :)

Kevin and Ginny Moore said...

He is so precious!!! I'm glad he got a good healthy report! My mom said "wow, he looks just like his Daddy!" and I said, "YA THINK!!!" He is precious and the apple of Derek's eye. I can't wait to squeeze those cutie cheeks in a few weeks, we need to talk about when we should come down. I can't WAIT!!!