Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lots of Fun Caught on Video!

About 2 months ago, Emily learned how to ride a 2 wheeler (with training wheels of course) and she has loved riding her new bike. This video is of her getting to ride down the driveway at D's parents house. It was a wet and unusually cool May day, which made her trek down the driveway more scary for me, but Emily never thought twice. The kid has NO fear! You can't really see the detail in the video, but when she goes down the hill, she gets going so incredibly fast that I just knew she was going to bite it hard (her feet couldn't even keep up with the pedals) but somehow she balanced herself out and regained control! What a girl...she makes her Daddy proud!! Enjoy the videos! (I removed our Playlist at the bottom so that videos would be easier to hear, so no need to scroll down and mute anymore.)


katie said...

"he did WHAT in his cup??" - mater.

katie said...

oh by the way, i hope this doesn't qualify me as being a stalker.

. . .
because that might be a problem.