Friday, April 18, 2008

Can I get a "Woot Woot" for Spring??

Can I just say that I love this time of year? (all except for the allergy craziness that comes with it:) It is beautiful here today and we enjoyed every second of it. After playing and digging outside, we went for a long walk, and then came home and took the dogs for a short walk. Em loved it! She loves, loves, loves being outside (as I'm sure most kids do) and she always has a hard time when it is time to come in. I just can't get over how pretty it is today. I hear the weekend may not be so figures since that is when we could actually enjoy it with Derek! Oh well, I'm sure there are more beautiful days to come. I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy the day, at least for a little bit! Here's to Spring!!!!