Friday, September 26, 2008

Go-Cart Racing!

I think we all knew the time would come...Emily in her first go-cart! She was expecting to drive of course, but then she sat in the car with her daddy and well, I think her eyes tell of her reluctance!:) She had a blast though and the last pic is after they were finished. She has talked about this day ever since! I had so much fun watching them circle the track. These are such awesome and fun memories that Em is making with her sweet daddy that adores her so much! I wonder if Derek will be smiling so big the day he takes her out for her first time to drive...hahaha!!! Of course, that won't happen until she is like 25 anyway!:) Actually, while most little girls will be taking ballet or gymnastics or even karate, Emily will most likely be taking classes on defensive driving and autocrossing. Oh well, maybe Timothy will enjoy painting and cooking with me...yeah right!:)

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JSM said...

The disappointment on her face is just too priceless!

Kolby said...

I love how she is eyeing that steering wheel. She wants to drive so bad!! You're going to have trouble on your hands when she turns 16!!! :)

Kevin and Ginny Moore said...

So cute! I'm sure Derek had a lot of fun too.