Friday, July 16, 2010

Lots of Big Brother Love!

You may have noticed on the first posting of Stella pics that there were lots of Emily holding her but not many with Timothy. He was immediately curious and wanted to look at "Baby Stellya" but was not so much into the idea of holding her. We tried to see if he would the first couple of days without success and then finally on Wed., he came into the room and asked, on his own, to hold her. It was so sweet! He was absolutely precious with her! Timothy doesn't sit still for long but on his own he sat with her and was so gentle. He must have hugged, kissed, and laid his head on her about 20 times. BUT...the absolute funniest thing he did is thankfully captured with a photo!:) He touched his chest and asked if he could feed the baby!! We all just about died laughing so incredibly hard. That kid cracks us up! He actually looked a bit surprised when we said that he couldn't. Sweet little guy.

I feel like we are doing fairly well at this point. Emily and Timothy are both transitioning and there have been some rough spots but really overall I am so proud of them. They love their sister so much already and I really am overwhelmed when I think about the bond that I pray the three of our children will share. God really has blessed me and Derek and we are very aware of His graciousness towards us.

Speaking of blessing, Stella had her first visit with the doc yesterday and she is doing great so far. Her weight had only dropped to 6lbs. 11oz. but in one day was back up to 6lb. 13.5oz so she is nursing well and sleeping pretty well. She has some gas issues at night...poor baby. It is actually pretty funny to hear such a dainty little thing expelling some of the noises that she is capable of! We are just in love with her...she is so so sweet! Thank you again if you have been praying for us! We are so eternally thankful for the support!

We think she's pretty cute!

This is TK asking to feed Baby Stella...haha! Gotta love the hand placement!

He was looking at her so intently and so sweetly.

Pure joy!
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The Moore Family said...

Oh my gosh, that is HILARIOUS about his trying to feed her! :) I love those pictures of him gazing at her and loving her, how very sweet and encouraging to me (since I'll be in that boat soon enough!). It was so great talking to you today... again, I'm SOOO proud of you and so thrilled that YOU DID IT! And you have a GORGEOUS daughter to show for all that "labor". Love you friend, call me again when you can. Miss you and hope to see you next weekend?

Kolby said...

Great posts!! Loved your tribute to Derek! Happy Birthday D!! You should also include that he is always willing to come to the aid of the Nordines when they have car trouble :) I remember the time he fixed my battery and fixed something on Andrew's car. You have a beautiful family. So excited about little Stella!

The Morrows said...

congratulations! Stella is beautiful. It was a delight to meet her and hold her. I admire you for your strength through this whole thing. You are a beautiful mom and friend. I'm glad to get back on your blog. I linked from mine which I haven't opened up in months. Maybe you can tutor me in blogging. If you can post the day after having a baby, I could probably update ours a little more often. :)