Monday, July 05, 2010

38+ Weeks with Stella Grace!

I have been terrible about posting pics of myself this go round. So here I am with sweet little Stella in ALL my glory at a little over 38 weeks! I feel great overall. I am having lots and lots of contractions but have been for a couple of weeks. Last Mon. night I thought for sure I was going into labor. After a few hours of inconsistent but powerful contractions, it was done and I went back to bed. I am ready for Baby Girl's arrival in some ways, but in others I am enjoying this last bit of time that I have with just Timothy and Emily. I know life will change drastically when Stella arrives and I really want to be content in this season. I am still walking and really active with T and E and may even try to take the kiddos to the pool this week, depending on T's recent injury's healing process of course!:)
Most of all, I just can't wait to see her face. I wonder what she will look like and how her brother and sister will react to her. I just can't wait to see all of their relationships flourish. Especially after witnessing Emily hurt for Timothy today after his accident, I was beyond thankful that we have multiple children. They won't ever be alone and hopefully will be each other's best buddies forever even when they don't feel like it...haha! I am so grateful to God for each of them and the way they love on each other. Family really is such a precious gift!
We can't wait to let everyone know when Stella arrives! Thanks for all of your prayers!!

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The Moore Family said...

Okay, you had me concerned with the "in all my glory" comment. I was afraid I was going to scroll down and see a naked Karen! :) Haha! Yeah right! You look just beautiful friend. I hope to catch up SOON! I can't imagine why you didn't call me back today, it's not like you were really doing anything! ;) LOVE YOU!