Monday, July 05, 2010

Today STARTED out great...

and then it took a downhill turn! We woke up and drove to my midwife appt. as a family. I had a great conversation in the car catching up with my sister-in-law. The kids were happy. Derek dropped me off and had an hour to kill so the plan was to take the kids to breakfast, then pick me up, and then have some fun together as a family...hehe:) Breakfast for Derek and the kids went great...they had lots of fun. Derek and Em decided that we would head to the bookstore next to look at Marvel Comic Books and possible buy a Superhero book (Em's favorite thing these days!). Derek took me to Starbucks and I got something yummy...what a sweet hubby I have! So that I could finish my sandwich without rushing, Derek took T and E into the bookstore and I finished up in the car.
So skip forward to me walking totally carefree and excited into the bookstore. Upon entering, I heard a baby crying really hard! I thought, "Oh poor baby!" As I walked towards the children's section at the back of the store, I realized it sounded A LOT like MY baby. Only it wasn't a tantrum or an "I just got my booty swatted cry." It was a painful bloodcurdling scream! I then saw D's head over the shelves rushing to the bathrooms. I picked up the pace and entered the men's bathroom to find my poor husband holding T with a gaping wound in his forehead both covered in blood! Sweet Emily was such a trooper!
Thankfully Dr. Eastham, our pediatrician, was the one in his office today. They weren't really open today. I was so unbelievably grateful that he was the one that was there. We adore him and I knew it would be a comfort for him to be the one to see baby boy! I was hoping that glue would do the trick but had a feeling I was wishful thinking! The wound was too deep and wide and he indeed had to get his very first stitches. The worst part was seeing him in the papoose board and the absolute worst was when they had to numb him...that part was really really terrible. He got 4 stitches and we are praying that it won't scar too badly. He was such a good boy overall. Don't get me wrong he cried his eyes out, but overall did so great! He was even asking Dr. Eastham for a so sweet!!
If you know our son, you know he is sooooo active and into everything. He is the most active, not hyper, but extremely active child I have been around. I am told that by every person whose care he has ever been under....without exception:) On top of that, he is very very strong and can accomplish feats that are unusual for his makes for a VERY interesting combination! So this is the irony, he wasn't doing ANYTHING daring or climbing or anything even remotely interesting to cause his injury!! He was wearing Crocs and they most likely got caught on the carpet, he tripped and just happened to hit his head perfectly on a stool that was in front of him!! WHAT IN THE WORLD????? The kid never ceases to amaze us! He is doing fine now with a dose of Motrin and is snoozing away. Thankfully it was a very straight gash and centrally located at the front of his head with no real possibility of skull injury....thank you Lord!! It could have been worse. SO that was our fun today! How was your 4th of July Weekend?...hahaha!!:)
Just for fun I posted some pics of the little stinker pre-stitches, being so silly, and after-trauma. And if you keep scrolling down, I posted another update today on Stella with pics of me at 38+ weeks. Stay Tuned...

I LOVE clean babies!!

Silly goose playing with his feet.

Sweet baby...I could eat him up!

Kind of a fuzzy pic, but Puppy's face says it all:(
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The Moore Family said...

Oh my goodness, POOR LITTLE GUY!!! He looks so peaceful and adorable asleep with that huge gash though. Bless his heart. Give him a kiss for me.