Friday, July 09, 2010

Lots of Contractions But No Arrival Yet!

My midwife recently told me that you just never know what will happen with baby #3 and so far we are finding that to be very true. Miss Stella Grace is just hanging out, really enjoying her current abode. I don't know that I blame her. She can hear the craziness on the outside and is probably a bit timid about her exit into the Kramer chaos;)

I went to bed on Wed. night and woke up around 3am with contractions. They were consistently coming every 10 minutes and I couldn't go back to sleep. Around 7am, I called my midwife and we decided to wait a bit. Around 11am on Thurs. some contractions were as close as 5 min. but were never as intense as I knew they needed to be. I was only about 2-3cm. and about 50% effaced. I had waited as long as possible to find that out b/c I know it just doesn't really matter. I was hoping to skip some of the anxiety I had experienced before. I walked around with TK dilated at 3 cm. for 2 weeks...go figure. I am still having contractions pretty consistently but they just aren't nearly as intense as they should be which tells me Baby Girl has some traveling to do! She'll come when she comes.

If we cross your mind, please pray that we won't be anxious! I know that God has her day totally planned out and has known it from the beginning of awesome is that??!! I want to rest in that and enjoy the time we have as a family waiting for her arrival. I have been really really tired yesterday and today. The contractions are wonderful b/c they are needed to get her moving but are also tiring mentally and physically. Please pray that I would rest in His strength and not my own. Thank you for your prayers and calls and texts...they are so very encouraging! We will continue to keep ya posted...much love from the Kramers!!:)

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Kolby said...

I keep checking the blog for updates! Can't wait to see this newest little Kramer!!! We'll be praying for a safe delivery!