Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Day as a Family of 5 at Church!

We did it!! We actually got out of the house to church...ON TIME...for the first time since our newest little family member arrived! I know some of you are thinking we were crazy or terrible parents to take our 2 week old to church. But, #1 no one held her except for me and Derek, and #2 we really wanted to be with our church family on Sun. morning. We had missed the couple of Sundays previous to Stella's birth b/c it was so hard for me to sit for a long time and Derek had been out of town. I was so desperate for corporate worship and hearing from our teaching pastors. It was so good to hear to worship with the body!

I might add that Stella looked mighty cute! She wore an outfit that my mom bought as her "coming home" from the hospital outfit. After the purchase, Emily reminded me and and my mom that we wouldn't be coming home from the hospital and we both just laughed so hard and said that's right...oh well, it became her first day of church outfit!:) It is so precious and she can wear it for a long time. I finally got a picture with just my girls and of me with Stella. I hadn't even taken a picture with just her yet...crazy!

Aren't our girls sweet? I love Stella's fingers in the last picture. She has really long fingers (not from me:) and I love the way that she never has her fists clenched...they are always laid out very delicately.

I don't want to leave out TK. No pics, but I'll leave you with this visual. Before his nap, just a little bit ago, he was in a diaper and was wearing a kitchen towel around his neck as a cape. I was trying to finish feeding Stella and was in his room with him as he was using his "king sword" (really a long plastic stick that goes to a toy broom) and was growling and saying Goliath while slamming (repeatedly) his dresser drawer. He is such a nut! We are enjoying this season...it is crazy fun!!!

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Kolby said...

She is gorgeous!!! And so are you! Just love all your kiddos. What wonderful blessings! Andrew and I will be driving through Murfreesboro this Sunday. If yall will be around, we'd love to just pop in a see yall and meet little Stella. We wont stay long. Let me know that might be okay!

The Moore Family said...

SO FUN! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last picture where Stella is sitting propped in Emily's chair, SO CUTE! You look beautiful Karen. I'm so glad you've got these pictures of you and your lovely girls. :) Can't WAIT to see you, thinking about Aug 13th weekend, how does that sound?

Tiffany Ann said...

They are all just precious!! You look great! Congrats!

Alissa Browning-Couch said...

I'm truly loving all the pictures of gorgeous stella and the kiddos, but i also am DYING to hear about your birthing adventures. we're not anywhere close to having a kid yet, but I'm already really fascinated with natural birthing. i'd love to hear what it was like for you!

katie said...

it's really cool that they interviewed you, and your persistence to go to church is pretty admirable. (: i'm glad you all are doing well! you guys are all sooo cutee and i miss you so much.