Friday, May 02, 2008

Special Memories and Fun on the Farm!

This is a bit of a continuation of the previous 2 posts. If you have read the other posts and seen the video below of Em with the Caterpillar, you already know that we spent last weekend with some friends on the Henderson's Family farm. We had such a blast and made lots of memories.

We stayed busy the entire weekend and did all sorts of things that would not normally take place in the 'Boro. We got to fish, shoot guns, play with our kids for hours outside, grill out, pet horses, stay up with restless children until after 10 pm, eat lots of yummy meals together, wake up and have coffee together, talk and catch up, make Smore's (and almost set ourselves on fire...well just me actually), eat homemade ice-cream, worship as a group on Sunday morning, and probably my favorite was worshipping the Lord all together around a warm fire at night under the stars! Those are just a few things that we enjoyed. Thank you Austin and Nicole for this awesome idea and such a wonderfully-planned weekend! We can't wait to do it again...

You have to check out the video below of Nicole with all of the is so funny! And you can click the link below to get to the photo album or you can click on the photo album link to the left of this post.

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