Tuesday, May 25, 2010

They Make Me Happy!

Just wanted to share these little cutie pies...they sure can make a momma smile! Especially when it is really needed after they have been stinkers. My husband gently and sweetly reminded me last night that "parenting sure is hard." Indeed it is. Pics like these remind me how precious these monkeys truly are!

They LOVE each other so much! He was holding on to her hand...awwww!!

This is how I found Timothy during a nap while Derek was on a business trip recently. Derek got him that puppy when he was in Switzerland. And I promise, I did not stage his arm around it for the pic!

Emily reading to TK. He loves it!

Just being cute and silly in his crib! I cannot get enough of his smile!
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The Moore Family said...

Adorable!!! I LOVE LOVE the one where T is holding Ems's hand. SO SWEET! Great seeing you this weekend, sorry it was so short. Miss you guys already and thanks for the hospitality!

Tiffany Ann said...

send me your email and I will email you pics of some of the girls kids. They are adorable!

Katie said...

i cannot believe how much they have grown! wow - time does fly. how do you feel?? and when are you due?? i can't wait to hear baby is here and HEALTHY!! love, katie