Tuesday, May 11, 2010

31 Weeks, Caterpillars, and Curls

Here we are at 31 weeks, anticipating Stella Grace's arrival. I had not planned on taking this picture tonight, but sweet little Emily tried out her photography skills and actually got most of my head in the pic...not too bad! I'll blame my hugeness on the angle and such:) I am feeling terrific besides my customary reflux that has visited every time I house another human. Oh well, what a very small sacrifice. I will get to sleep one day...when I am 80!

I have another midwife appt. tomorrow and am now going every 2 weeks. Everything so far is going well. I was borderline with my gestational diabetes testing a couple of weeks ago. (I was borderline with Emily too.) But with Em, I took the long test after and found out I was totally fine...just had a false positive. It was a terrible experience b/c they had A LOT of trouble getting blood after the first draw. This go around, my midwife gave me options...what a beautiful thing. I could do the long test or I could monitor my blood sugar for a couple of weeks and see if it was just a false positive. I chose the latter and am so glad. Within the first few days, my numbers were really low and although I am still checking 3 times a day, I am fairly certain that the glucose test was a false positive. I can't say the finger pricking is much fun, but I was thankful for another option. And it has been interesting to observe what types of food dramatically raise my blood sugar. It has typically ranged anywhere from 77 to 93. But after Chinese food the other day, it was 120 after lunch AND after dinner...CRAZY! I will be steering clear of that for awhile:) Clear evidence that we are SO affected by what we eat!

In other news, Emily has had a "pet" caterpillar since we got home from the farm. She found him right before we left. He survived the journey home and is now twice the size as when she found him! We are really hoping that he will form a chrysalis and become a moth or butterfly. Emily originally named him "Hungry Herbivore" but then she changed it...now he is "Timothy." Ha ha!!

Little man has curls now! I thought it was just a matter of time. Months ago, before he had much hair, his hair would curl up after a bath or if his little head got sweaty. Now you can't tame it. Sometimes the top is a bit flatter but the back never is. It looks just like Em's did when her hair started getting thicker. She just had way more hair by his age (21 months) so her curls were more apparent.

Until next time...

Stella Grace...31 weeks!

Emily in the middle of explaining how much "Timothy" the caterpillar has grown.

She just got done hugging the jar here telling me how much she loves him!

My baby's sweet curls! For the record, this picture was soooo hard to take! I finally got him to look at a book...not a great pic but you get the idea:)
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The Moore Family said...

You look too cute! You've grown since I saw you at the farm (I know you love hearing that!!!) Loving those curls on both your kiddos. Let's catch up soon!

Tiffany Ann said...

I am glad you are no longer blocked!!! Yippee!! The flowers are pretty but they are a pain to maintain!! Congrats on baby #3!!

Kolby said...

Precious Precious Precious kiddos!! We miss Emily so much. And I feel like we don't even know Timothy! But he sure is a cutie!! Cant wait to meet Stella Grace!