Wednesday, June 01, 2011

So Very Very Close!!!!!

Never felt quite this desperate before.  We have a few things in the works to try and raise some more funds.  Our flights are being booked today and Visa stuff is going out today via FedEx overnight.  We are leaving Nashville to fly across the ocean to hold and meet Ivan in just a couple of weeks...set to leave June 18 or 19!!!!  I wish that I had the words to describe the emotion that comes JUST imagining what it will be like to touch his face and tell him his Mommy and Daddy have tell him he will be an orphan no longer in just a few short months.  Oh Praise God!!!!

I can truly say that we have never ever been so humbled and in need as much as we are right now.  We are in need of your prayers and money!  There is just no eloquent way to put that. 

No denying adoption is expensive.  It stinks, but it is what it is.  I can dislike it all I want but that doesn't get us any closer to Ivan!  What do we owe?  $16,500. in remaining agency fees.  Our airfare for this trip (will worry about the second one later) will be around $2300. min. And Visas will be around $400.  Not including lodging while there.  It seems like a lot, but God is way bigger and we KNOW that He will complete this journey!!! 

What have we paid?  $7k in agency fees, $890 for immigration, $1500 for homestudy, over $300 for passports, and of course hundreds and hundreds in postage through FedEx, Appilcation fees, Fingerprinting and Criminal checks. 

What we have...Our grants through RR at this point are around $5600 (someone gave recently...THANK YOU!!!) And Ivan's personal account is at around $3300 which we will likely use today to help with travel and Visas.

We will be preselling T-shirts ASAP!  Please buy one!  I will give details later today.

We are looking into a Spirit Night with Chick-Fil-A. 

I have a giveaway on the blog currently for that cute little bear.

And when our youth kids get back from their mission trip to Haiti, we might beg for their help with a car wash.

We are also trying to sell one of our cars.  If anyone has any really tangible easy money makers please let me know! 

Again, I know that we sound desperate, but if Emily, Timothy, or Stella, or even a friend's child was stuck in a crib on the other side of the world, I would literally stop at nothing to get to them....NOTHING!!!  So, I know lots of you may be sick of hearing about this, but as long as Ivan and other sweet young souls are without their families, I will shout from the rooftops!  We need help!

The support and love we have felt so far has been TRULY amazing...cannot stress how unbelievable it has been to see so many people give sacrificially!  And I mean very sacrificial giving!  You can give for the bear on our Chip-in.  I haven't had even one entry yet:(  It's only $5 to enter once and it is a super cute bear with an even more precious story!:)

I will keep everyone updated with our travel info and $ info.  We are in the final stretches of fundraising...would you please consider being a part of that with us?


Melanie said...

Hey, Karen! We want to win the bear! We contributed $50. I know what you must be feeling right now. Will be praying for you.


The Moore Family said...

I am so sorry! I never entered the drawing. :( I just did for $10, I know it's not much and I'm sorry for that. We love you guys and are praying.

Schallert Family said...

Can't get the Chip In or the link on your blog for the tax deductible site to work. Will try again soon, but wanted you to know they aren't working right now.

Rachel said...

I'm praying that God will provide for your every need.

Rachel Whitmire
Post-Adoption Care Coordinator
Reeces Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry

Nicole Henderson said...

Derek and Karen,
We love you guys dearly and are so encouraged by your big faith! We have watched Him provide over the last several months, and we will continue to marvel at His mighty hand! And we can't wait for you to meet Ivan and love on him soon- just a couple of weeks away!!!! How exciting!!