Thursday, June 16, 2011

Giveaway Ends Tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow is the end of the GIVEAWAYS!!!  

I hope you got in on it!  If not, lucky you, it doesn't end until tomorrow at 5pm!:):)

The bracelets that I shared in that same post are almost gone.  We have 40 and we are at 31!!!!  SO, if you wanted one, donate at least $10 and you can have one of the last 9 left!  They are so cool and really beautiful!

So where are we in process?  We have a little over $12k raised.  Isn't that just amazing?  I still can't believe it!  God has used so many of you to be a part of this journey.  I feel like every time I check email, I see another blog or tweet, or FB status that has do with Ivan.  And I am telling you it is humbling to see how God is using a little boy on the other side of the world to bring people closer to Him and to open people's eyes about the least of these in just one corner of the world. 

Derek and I are very ordinary people.  When people say how inspiring we are, it makes me giggle a little, (after I stop bawling my eyes out of course...I am slightly emotional right now!:)  because I know just how absolutely flawed and ordinary we are.  I wish I could convey how crazy this journey is for us.  I have said it over and over again...if you would have told me a year ago that we would be on this journey, I would have thought you were TOTALLY out of your mind!

I say all of that because I truly believe that many could say yes to God's call and believe that Ivan will open people's eyes to all of the potential that children just like him, laying in cribs day in and out have!  I do not think that every person should adopt.  Many would disagree with me on that, but I don't think we are all called to that.  I do however know that we are all called to do what we can to help those that are weak and cannot help themselves.  That includes lots of people.  We answered the call for Ivan.  I will never understand why God chose us to be his family...EVER!  But He did and we desire to be obedient. 

The important aspect of all of this is that we had to have ears that were open to hear, no matter what the cost.  And we had to be willing to step out in faith, no matter what that meant.  I am nervous about having 4 small children.  I am apprehensive about knowing how to fully care for Ivan.  I think about finances, our time, date nights, outings, our friends and community's acceptance of Ivan, time alone for me and Derek, one on one time with all of our kids, homeschooling...I mean seriously, I could and do think this decision to adopt to death!  Obedience is hard stuff. 

But at the end of the day, two very flawed and ordinary people said yes to God.  It was the most difficult and easiest decision that we have ever made...if that is even possible.  Without all of you, Ivan becoming a part of our family and ultimately all of our lives, would not happen.  I thank you for feeling that little nudge in your heart and responding!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

Giveaway winners announced tomorrow, at which time, we will only have 2 SLEEPS before getting on that plane!!!!  And don't forget to get in on one those cute cute bracelets!!!

               These crazy little monkeys sure are excited about their brother getting home soon!


Closer to Lucy said...

can you email me again? I have another blogger who wants to share adoption resources with you but now I can't find you email address.

patsy said...

hey karen...just donated $10-, and i hope that the link on the blog and facebook is helping :) can't wait to see the first pics of you and derek with ivan!

Susan said...

We found your site through A Perfect Lily and Miss Maggie Rae. Donated $30 through the Reece's Rainbow page for 3 entries, but mostly to help get Ivan home!
-Keith and Susan