Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We are here.  And we are very tired.  I will share more later on our sleep "issues" while away...funny stuff.

It is good to be home and wonderful to see our children, who I might add are definitely "transitioning" to Mommy and Daddy being back!:)

Lots of laundry, playing with our munchkins, email catch-up, going back to work, grocery store, doctor appointments, fundraising, dossier work...lots going on.  I may be absent for a few days.  But we will be back and refreshed soon:)

Love to all of you and keep the prayers coming!!!  Oh and I have contacted the winners of the bigger giveaway items and will let you know in the next couple of days if you won  a necklace...there were 6 winners and I will post them hopefullly tomorrow.  Thanks everyone!!


Derek said...

Welcome back!! So glad you guys got to go and praying you will be headed back soon!

Cindi Campbell said...

So happy to see the new pics of Ivan. So adorable! Please let me know what size he wears.....I want to get an outfit for him.