Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fun New Things With Our Peanut...Day 3

Today was a really fantastic day!  We started the day with stopping and getting some medicine for Ivan's Baby House.  The director also the doctor told our facilitator about medications they needed...very basic items.  We spent $130 and had a full bag of medicine.  They were so thankful when we gave it to them!
Our time spent with Ivan today was really wonderful.  We were able to spend time in his play area and see and talk to the other children in his groupa.  It was also really warm outside and so that time with him was really enjoyable as well.

While we are with Ivan each day, there is not a place to put him down and let him play.  Outside doesn't provide that opportunity and there is a room where we can take him to play but the floor is not very clean and he never goes outside, so we have tried to take advantage and not stay in that room.  Today when it was time to leave, we took him to his caregivers and they put him in his crib where they play.  We got pics and video.  But much to our surprise, he sat up!!!  And then he got on his hands and knees and started rocking!  We couldn't believe it!  It was the sweetest surprise!  We had tried to sit him up on a couch a couple of days ago, but he was unable.  I guess that in his environment where he was able to move around, he is more comfortable.  Regardless, we were thrilled to see him do that.  The child in the crib with him is Sasha.  Sweet little guy is much smaller than Ivan and not even 2 months younger.  He stayed on his back the whole time.   Our Ivan sort of tackled Sasha...he is going to fit right in with our crew:) 

We also got to meet some of the other children.  One little boy that has been listed with RR is another Ivan.  He has Apert Syndrome and I was so happy to see him in person.  His caregivers say he is so smart and we witnessed that.  The video will speak to that as you can see him trying to pick up both cars we gave him.  We know that he is available for adoption and I would love to see his family come for him.  And I have waited to share this amazing news.  Do you all remember Nikita!  We have been advocating for him with RR.  We haven't met him BECAUSE HE HAS A FAMILY!!!!  He was adopted months back by a couple in Spain and they say he is doing so well.  He is even riding a bike!  Potential!  They all have matter what that means, it is there.  I am going to try and see if they money raised for Nikita since we became his "Warrior" can be transferred to the other Ivan.

The reality sinks in a little more every day.  While the baby house is about as good as it could get there, substandard obviously by American standards, Ivan's groupa doesn't go outside and there are only 2 caregivers, if that, for many children, all with special needs.  And the bigger reality is that once these precious children are 4 or 5, sometimes 3 years old, they are transferred to institutions, not orphanages like the other "healthy" children.  The institutions are nothing like the baby house.  Can you even imagine what that would be like for one of these children?  I told Derek today that if they aren't walking and feeding themselves by the time they are transferred, what will happen to them?  Confined to a crib indefinitely. Honestly, the truth of that existence for these children that are now very real to me, haunts me.  They are no longer photos on a computer screen.  They are people with little souls that laugh and smile and cry.  God created each one of them in His image and what will become of them is very real if no one comes for them.  It would be Ivan's reality if we had not said yes to God, no matter the cost.  I pray that the people of God will respond.  What in this life is more important than this?  That is the question Derek and I had to ask ourselves last December.  The answer for us was simple, nothing.  There is nothing that could be more important, no excuse or reason that would allow us to stand before the throne of our almighty Father and say, "Yes Lord, we knew and we did not respond."  Nothing.  These children are worthy.  They have potential and they need a chance. 

Here is our day with our precious little peanut.  Every day, he responds more and more to us.  I tell you that any fear or apprehension of what the future looks like with Ivan in our family is daily replaced with an indescribeable love and connection.  He is our son...meant to be a Kramer from the beginning of time.  I am so grateful that God gave us the courage to say yes to Him.  What we would have missed out on is something I don't want to imagine.  See for yourself...:):)

Thank you all for all of your support!  It means so much!!!


Jess :) said...

Yep... he's definitely a Kramer :)

Vivian said...

I have to stop reading your blog(and checking facebook), I cry every time I read it. What an answer to prayer that Nikita has found a home! And Ivan sitting up is amazing! My heart hurts for those babies. God has a lot of work to do

Katie said...

what a PRINCE!!!!

The Moore Family said...

Oooohhhh, so it's ee-VAHN!!! Ooops, I've been saying EYE-vin. Wow, I'm so not with it. :) He is beautiful, precious and definitely will give Timothy a run for his money!!! :)

Cindi Campbell said...

It is so wonderful seeing him in your arms. He is adorable! You all look so happy! What a blessing to finally see it thus far.

Renee said...

He looks as if he's always been with you...and I guess he has in God's eyes... I can hear the happiness and love you feel for your sweet son, it shines through every word...thank you for loving him so much and for sharing him with all of us!

Love wins,
Renee Tam

Emi said...

That little one with Apert Syndrome is just too cute! I would bring him home in a heartbeat if I could :(

Dana said...

I was wondering if" Sasha" is the other boys Reece's Rainbow name. I couldn't find him on RR.