Friday, May 27, 2011

Anticipated News and A Give Away!!

It is with so much joy that we can finally say we are officially so much closer to meeting our son!!!  We got the news last night that our information was officially submitted to the Ministry of Education in Ivan's country!  We have been "invited" to come as early as June 20th.  That will be here before we know it and we cannot wait. 
There are definitely mixed emotions as we know that the hardest part will be leaving him there and returning home to wait for our next court date to bring him home and officially see him become a mini-Kramer!  we have hope that it will go smoothly and he will come home quickly! 
I have many ideas for fundraising floating in my head, but what you will see below has been in the works for a LONG time.
This was supposed to be our first giveaway/fundraising idea.  The time just never seemed right, but now seems so perfect!  Our children all have "lovies" and they all have Korean names...each is very special to our children.  Bunnies By the Bay is the company responsible for their cuddly soft cuteness!  They make the most adorable items for babies.  Everything from lovies to onesies....just so cute and SOFT! 
I had the idea to contact them and just see if they might donate an item for our adoption to use as a giveaway.  Less than a month later, I not only received an adorable little bear to give away but also a lovie for Ivan and a cute little pair of bear slippers!  I was shocked at their generosity.  Come to find out, they support adoption wholeheartedly (yet another reason to love their products)!  They even allowed us to pick the item that they donated.  We chose this bear because a cetain little guy's country's national animal is a bear.  That was when we found out the story behind Bao Bao Bear.  He was adopted by the bunnies! sweet is that? 
Below you will find pics of this precious bear.  Also, he will be given away with the coziest little bear feet slippers.  I want him to go to a good family:)  He will make someone very happy for sure!
This is what you have to do to bring this cuddly guy home: 

1.  Give in $5 increments using the "Chip-In" on our blog or if you want to go the tax-deductible route, you can go to our family's page here.  For every $5 you give, your name will be entered into a random drawing.
2.  After you give, PLEASE let us know that you gave and how much so we can give you the right amount of chances to win.  We can't always see when people give.
3.  You will be able to give until Sat. June 11th.  That gives you about 2 weeks!  We will announce the winner the day after and will mail your new friend out on that Mon. June 13th.
Would you please consider giving or posting on your blog or FB?  We can't wait for Bao Bao Bear to find a home!!!!

Isn't he adorable?  You will just have to trust me on how soft he is!
Here are his adoption tags:) cute!
What a cute face!
Precious bear feet.

So stinkin' cute!

I sure hope he finds a home:):) 


Sam said...

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Wifeofworldsbesthusband&daddy said...

(I saw your post on Yuku. ; )
Donated $5 from the Ristow Family.
We are expecting #5 in Sept. He doesn't have any stuffed friends to call his own yet. If we win, we will give him super happy home. : )