Monday, April 20, 2009

I Was Not Expecting This... soon!!!! What in the world???? Those were the actual words that left my lips about a week ago when I walked into Timothy's room one morning and found this!! He is just shy of eight months and is EVERYWHERE!! We obviously had to lower his crib. And now he thinks it is really funny to stand up as soon as I put him in his bed for his naps. He immediately stands up and bounces up and down in his bed. He does eventually fall asleep!:) Hopefully the novelty of his newfound skills will wear off soon!

On Friday night, we were playing with him at the big wooden block in the pic below. I sat in amazement as he pulled himself up to it and then completed an entire lap around it without any help. Even Emily's mouth was hanging open...I really could not believe what I was seeing! I know that he will be walking soon and it makes me a little sad. My baby is already getting so big.

So, Rebekah, I immediately thought of you this week. My thoughts went to Christmas a year ago with Caroline. I don't know how your poor back survived her walking so early! I may be calling you for reinforcement and advice this week!:):)

I posted about Easter below, as well as our time with family last week! And there is a video that follows this post of catching Timothy in the act of accomplishing a new and daring feat. Now I am going to enjoy my last few minutes of getting some things done without the little stinker nipping at my heels.

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Kevin and Ginny Moore said...

Oh my goodness!!! He is so big... and SO handsome! (and I'm not just saying that because you said he and Jack look alike!!!) :) I can't believe he's growing up so fast and I've only seen him ONCE! I'll see him again in June! Can't WAIT!!!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

oh my word! what a big little boy! can't believe how much he is growing! sorry i never responded to your email but it was hilarious. been crazy busy here. hope you guys are doing well!