Monday, April 20, 2009

I Think He's Planning an Escape!!

Maybe I should have been more freaked out that he got up to the window by himself, but I knew I had to get it on video. So I did what any wonderful and cautious mom would do...I went into the next room to grab the camera! HAH!! I figured if he fell, he would try it again anyway so why bother to hover...that sounded better in my head!

Seriously though, what I really love about all of these new things that we are catching him doing is that Emily is equally surprised every time. I love how she explains to him in the video why he can't get out the window! She cracks me up and is such an incredible sister to him! I can tell that the fun is just beginning between the two of them. I am sure I'll have more antics to post later...

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GA said...

Cute video and BEAUTIFUL picture of you and Derek!