Monday, April 06, 2009

...And then there was everything in between!!

We love you Uncle Dana! We had a terrific time and can't wait until we see you again soon...too bad it can't be at Easter:( I'm sure Em would looovvveee hunting for eggs with you! And let this serve as documentation that although Uncle Dana did inadvertently make Emily cry, it was not by way of his usual antics and when he said good-bye, Emily BEGGED to see Uncle Dana again...really, she was in love! He played and played with her and was as goofy as she was, so she had a blast! Thanks for a fun time bring Aunt Cheryl Ann!:)

**To prevent massive amounts of the normal tormenting/teasing that all of the siblings in my family endure, Dana was lovingly and dutifully flying a kite with Emily (her first one ever) and the wind was really strong. The kite whipped out of Dana's hand and somehow got caught on a neighbor's roof. (It stayed there for almost 2 was really hung up!) The (obvious) pic of her screaming was taken by Derek immediately following the incident. All was good after a much needed nap! (But man, those pics are priceless!)**

Caught up on posting...lots of pics below:)

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Anonymous said...

too funny! we flew a kite last weekend and i was so worried that would happen to grace's treasured Thomas Kite... thankfully he is still in our possession :)

JSM said...

Uncle Dana sure was a hit!