Monday, October 09, 2006

The Worst Blogger...EVER!!!!!!

Yep!! That's me for sure. My child is like...18 now! I cannot believe it has been a whole month since I blogged. What have I been doing?

So many things have happened in the last month. Where do I begin? I think that I will recap just so that I won't get way too wordy and overwhelmed; those of you who really know me can testify of my "stories." Once I get going you'll be so sorry you ever asked. Hah! Sad, but true. I am a talker...see, here I go, off on some random tangent. Focus Karen, focus...okay so Emily is now attempting to brush her 2 bottom front teeth which FINAALLYYY!! broke through. She is also totally crawling...even though it looks kind of funny. She is eating all sorts of new really yummy foods including Kale. (And the crazy thing is that she loves it all.)
Her weight is about 22lbs. Her new little friend Tate Vinson was born. Her 2 grandmothers from Virginia got to come for a visit. Her Daddy took a crazy spill on a hike with friends and thankfully lived to tell about it. She took her first trip to the zoo, gave us our first kisses...I could have died!, and is completely standing up all by herself. I discovered that a little over a week ago when I went in her room after a nap and discovered that my little angel had not only pulled herself up to the side of her crib but was pulling toys from her bassinet into her crib. I could not believe my eyes. She is trying her best to walk. I still think that she is the most beautiful child ever...give me a break, I birthed her! And...deep breath, this morning she moved from her little Leap Frog table to the ottoman all by herself.

That's about it! Emily's whole month of adventures and accomplishments in a condensed version. Trust me, I live in my own head and you don't want the extended, detailed version. What will follow are pics over the last month from about Sep. 8th until now. The pics will be in order and I will give brief comments. My plan is too get "caught up" so that I can start fresh. Too much went on this month in the world of Emily for me to skip it! So, here I go...attempting to be a better blogger!
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