Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Buddy Caleb!

Around the time that we found out that we were expecting Emily, we were so excited to find out that we had multiple friends that would be expecting as well! This is just one of Emily's little friends, Caleb. He is about 2 months younger than Emily, but already taller. (She better get used to that if she takes after her mom in that genetic department.)

Caleb came over to play one day last week and we got such sweet pictures of them together. We also took some video. It was so cute...Emily decided to lean over and kiss Caleb on the cheek, without being prompted. The funny thing is that as soon as we stopped the video, we took the pic where she looks
she is trying to push him away. What a typical girl she is!! She already can't make up her mind. Of course Derek took the opportunity to add a little "Paintbrush" to one of the pics for some fun.

It was so fun to see them playing together. I was amazed at how they actually looked like they were communicating. We look forward to lots more of these little play "dates." With Derek as her dad, it will be the only dates she will experience for a long time!

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Anonymous said...

Uh, yesth... I like "dabuts"!!

Anonymous said...

i thot we had sumpin specil. i gess i wuz rong. gabe--OTU, mm out.

Ok, mie litl fngers don't typ so gud.