Monday, October 09, 2006

This was Em's first trip to the zoo. We went with her Grammy. She had fun. I guess she did, it's not like she told me. Although she did sleep a majority of the trip. I think her favorite was the meerkats (spelling??). She watched them very intently. She was also watching the baby donkey with amazement. It was a great day of memories!

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Uncle Dana said...

Ok. A few comments here:

(1) Emily Paige is adorable (a given);

(2) Karen, you're sitting a computer with Webster's dictionary online, Google AND you're a teacher, but you still can't spell Meerkats? Come on, now. You're better than that; and

(3) Is mom holding the chicky chicky girl OVER A FRIGGIN BRIDGE?!?! What, is she Michael Jackson now? Good grief.

judy said...

Ha ha uncle Dana... I had to come back and read this again for a second time 'cuz it's so stinkin hilarious!!